How to Buy a Telegram Premium Subscription Cheaper: Fast and Easy

At the end of June, the Telegram team introduced a paid subscription to a messenger called Telegram Premium. It can be purchased by iPhone owners for $7 a month. Payment will be made through the App Store, and then through the mobile phone account.

However, there is one thing that allows you to save on a subscription and purchase it for $5. The method is completely official and will take no more than 1 minute. I checked it personally.

Important: before purchase, update Telegram to the latest version. At the time of writing, the method works on all platforms.

How do you get a Telegram Premium subscription cheaper?

  • Open Telegram and find the official bot “Premium Bot”. Link to the bot here ;
  • Click “Start” and an offer will immediately appear to pay 299 rubles for a subscription;
  • Click “Pay $5” > Choose a payment method > Enter the details of a bank card (For subscriptions and purchases, always use a virtual card with a limit);
  • Confirm the purchase. Subscription completed.

This simple method allows you to purchase a paid subscription directly from the developer and is much cheaper. The fact is that the high amount ($7) is due to Apple’s commissions, which are subject to paid applications in the App Store or in-app purchases.

What’s unique about Telegram Premium?

Subscribers will be able to upload files up to 4 GB, download them at maximum speed, send unique stickers and reactions, use additional chat management tools, and many other benefits.

The entire list of Telegram Premium features:

  • Upload files up to 4 GB to the application;
  • Accelerated download of photos, videos and documents at maximum speed;
  • You can issue up to 1000 subscriptions to channels;
  • Create up to 20 folders, each of which will fit up to 200 chats;
  • Connect the fourth account in the application;
  • Pin up to 10 chats in the main list;
  • Save up to 10 favorite stickers;
  • Recognition of voice messages;
  • Full screen stickers with animation;
  • More ways to respond to messages: 10+ new emojis;
  • Always active video avatars;
  • Subscriber badge;
  • New exclusive app icons;
  • Disable ads in channels.

Is it worth buying?

I’ll be honest: I did not experience any obvious benefits from a “premium” subscription. For myself, I only found 9 exclusive stickers with full-screen effects, a few reactions for chats, a nickname mark and faster video loading. This is where it all ends. Perhaps, over time, the subscription will become better, but so far I don’t see much point in it.

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