How to Get Verified on Telegram

Unlocking a verified status on Telegram can enhance your profile’s authenticity and credibility. Like most platforms, Telegram offers a verification badge to boost your channel’s or page’s trustworthiness and visibility. Discover the step on how to get verified on Telegram for a more secure and reputable presence within the app.

How to Get Verified on Telegram

To get verified on Telegram, you need to have a large and active official channel, group, or bot. The verification is available for public figures and organizations. Here are the general steps to get verified:

  1. Have a large and active official channel, group, or bot. This option is not available for personal accounts. 
  2. Be verified on at least two of the following social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Snapchat, or VK. You can provide a Wiki link if you aren’t registered in any of the social media platforms. 
  3. Add your Telegram channel or public group link to your verified social media accounts.
  4. Submit a verification request via @VerifyBot on Telegram

How to Apply for the Telegram Verification Badge

If you’re eligible for Telegram verifcation, you can follow the following steps to secure a verification badge:

  1. Open Telegram on your device
  2. Select the group or chanel you wish to verify
  3. Click on the group or chanel title at the top
  4. Click on the pencil icon at the top
  5. Scroll down and select the option “Invite Links
  6. Copy the invite link
  7. Return home and search for Telegram’s “@VerifyBot
  8. Click on Start and paste the link of the Telegram group or channel you wish to verify

Once you submit the link, you’ll have to wait for some time (usually 12 to 24 hours) before you get verified automatically. The verification process is completely free

Here’s a detailed video guide of how to go about the process:

Can Telegram Revoke My Verification?

Yes, Telegram can revoke the verification of a channel, group, or bot if they find that you obtained the verification fraudulently or if the channel, group, or bot no longer meets the platform’s guidelines. Follow Telegram’s guidelines and avoid engaging in any fraudulent activities to avoid having the verification revoked.

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