What is My Apple Watch Model? Here’s How to Find Out

Every year, Apple brings a new series of watches onto the market. The watch almost always looks the same and it is difficult to tell at first glance which model it is. In a few simple steps you can find out the information about the watch e.g. B. about the model, the model number, the serial number, the tape length and much more.

Apple Watch model

In the meantime, Apple has released the Series 6 and for the first time there is also the Series 6 SE.

Would you like to find out more about the model of your Apple Watch? We’ll show you how to find out the model number, serial number, and strap length as well.

  1. Take the watch off. Clean the bottom side if necessary.

  2. The model is engraved here. Our example is about the Series 5. You will also find the size engraved here, e.g. B. 44 MM.

  3. On the underside of the tape you will find the tape length, such as B. “M / L” for “Medium / Large”.

Find out the Apple Watch model number and serial number

There is no need to remove the watch to find out the model number and serial number .

Start the settings on the Apple Watch and continue on General> About.

Here you will find the important information about the watch.

Apple Watch model number

Displayed here are e.g. B. Name, version installed, model, serial number, etc.

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