Meta Quest Pro Price and Features

Meta (formerly Facebook) presented the latest version of its VR headset. The Meta Quest Pro was made available on October 25, 2022.

After several months of incessant rumors about its imminent arrival, we have finally been able to discover Meta’s new Virtual Reality headset. The Meta Quest Pro is a mixed reality headset.

Although we have become accustomed to considering the name “pro” as a marker of a higher range, the Meta Quest Pro is presented as a purely professional tool, having all the same versatility for it with the possibility to play. “Mixed reality” is to be understood as a hybrid between augmented reality and virtual reality, which is exactly what this new Meta helmet offers.

Meta Quest Pro Design

For the design, if we stay close to the lines of the Quest 2, we note a thinner cabin, but also a field of vision that is not completely obstructed. For this to be the case, it will be necessary to add peripheral “caches” to get closer to a VR headset experience.

With 700g on the scale, the Meta Quest Pro is heavier than the Quest 2, but its different set design and the weight is now better distributed, especially with the battery in the rear arch.

Technical Characteristics

  • SoC: Snapdragon XR2+
  • 12GB RAM
  • 256GB of storage
  • Screen: Quantum-Dot LCD
  • Pixels per eye: 1800 x 1920
  • Refresh rate: 90Hz
  • Lens Type: Pancake
  • Field of view: up to 106°
  • Interpupillary distance: between 55 and 75 mm
  • Eye tracking: yes
  • Face tracking: yes
  • Hand tracking: yes
  • Transparency mode: high-definition color
  • Autonomy announced in use: 1 to 2 hours

As we can see, Meta did not skimp on the means for this device. First, the XR2+ chip is presented as 50% more efficient than the one present in Quest 2. Then, the field of vision is greatly enlarged, thanks to the Pancake lenses, which have the added advantage of having a well thinner. Finally, if the display definition remains the same as on Quest 2, the quantum box LED lighting offers 75% better contrast.

Resolutely designed for professional use and in particular for all applications linked to the Metaverse, the Meta Quest Pro embeds facial tracking cameras which will notably make it possible to reproduce the expressions of your face on an avatar during a virtual meeting. But gaming is still part of the attributions of this new headset, the proof with these new controllers: the Meta Quest Touch Pro.

More ergonomic than the previous ones, these joysticks are also equipped with three sensors to obtain an ever more precise location. A new haptic engine has also been added, for ever greater immersion in the game, like what we know on the DualSense of the PS5. These Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers will be compatible with the Quest 2. You can purchase them separately for $349.99.

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