Here Are Apps That Share the Most Private Data

Facebook still has not recovered from the public relations scandal that meant trying to get WhatsApp users to sign new service policies (which must be signed before May 15). A study already accuses another of its star apps, Instagram, of being the most invasive when it comes to user privacy.

The cloud storage company pCloud reveals, based on a study that analyzed the privacy labels used by Apple in the App Store, that Instagram tops the list of the 50 applications that collect the most sensitive data and share with other companies.

“It is worrying that Instagram is a hub for collecting and sharing sensitive data,” explains pCloud digital manager Ivan Dimitrov in a post about the dissemination of the study.

And what data does Instagram also collect and share? There are several, but it highlights the user’s search history, location, contacts, and financial information.

In recent months and in connection with the scandal over how Facebook monetizes its users through the analysis of billions of metadata. Several researchers have also pointed out that the practice violates the privacy of users by conditioning their access to products and services. For example, an insurer could raise the cost of a policy by searching the internet for information on a chronic illness.

The 10 apps that share the most private data

pCloud analyzed several dozen apps based on the App Store’s 14 privacy labels. Their methodology consisted of calculating a percentage of shared data according to how many privacy labels each app consigns. In the count of apps that share data with other companies, Instagram reaches a percentage of 79 percent.

The 10 apps that share the most data with other companies

  1. Instagram, 79 percent
  2. Facebook, 57 percent
  3. LinkedIn, 50 percent
  4. Uber Eats, 50 percent
  5. Trainline, 43 percent
  6. YouTube, 43 percent
  7. YouTube Music, 43 percent
  8. Deliveroo, 36 percent
  9. Duolingo, 36 percent
  10. eBay, 36 percent

The 10 apps that store the most personal data

  1. Facebook, 86 percent
  2. Instagram, 86 percent
  3. Klarna, 64 percent
  4. Grubhub, 64 percent
  5. Uber, 57 percent
  6. Uber Eats, 57 percent
  7. eBay, 50 percent
  8. Just Eat, 50 percent
  9. LinkedIn, 50 percent
  10. Twitter, 50 percent

The 10 apps that don’t share data for advertising purposes

  • Signal
  • Club House
  • Netflix
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Classroom
  • Shazam
  • Etsy
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • Boohoo

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