How to Post GIFs on Instagram

Instagram allows you to post GIFs in Stories. There is a dedicated native feature, which allows you to use animated images as stickers to post to photos and videos. Just choose them from the GIPHY database, a site of which Instagram is a partner.

The situation is different with reference to the posts. Until some time ago the social network allowed you to upload GIFs also in this section, but at the time of writing, it is no longer possible. Files with the .gif extension are no longer supported. However, there is an alternative method, as we will see below, which involves the use of a tool external to the social network.

Having said that, now we can go on and find out all the details of what needs to be done to share GIFs on Instagram, both in the stories of the famous social network and in the fixed posts, which don’t disappear after 24 hours.

How to put GIFs in Instagram stories

To understand how to put GIFs in Instagram stories, you must first launch the social network app, then swipe from left to right in the main menu. This will launch the Instagram camera and you can start creating a Story. To add one or more GIFs to your content, you need to follow the steps below:

  • After launching the Instagram camera on the “Story” option, tap on the “Create” function with the Aa symbol,how to post GiFs on Instagram
  • Scroll the small round icons below and choose the GIF item,How to add Instagram GiFs
  • The GIPHY archive will open, which is currently the largest portal of animated images, with thousands of GIFs present
  • Use the text field ” Search on GIPHY ” in the screen that opens, to search and locate the GIF to be used among those proposed
  • Tap on the GIF you are interested in, so as to add it to your Story

After inserting it in the Story, you can drag the GIF  anywhere. It is also possible to zoom in and zoom out to enlarge or reduce it. Not bad, isn’t it? After customizing the Story, you can click on “Your Story” on the screen at the bottom and publish the content.

How to post GIFs on Instagram posts

As for the publication of GIFs on Instagram posts, you should know that at the moment there is no ad hoc native function to do this. You must necessarily use another feature or procedure: convert the GIF to video, using an ad hoc tool. We are talking about CloudConvert, a portal that you can use via a browser using any device and operating system.

You should now have a clear and complete overview of how to post GIFs on Instagram. We particularly looked at ways to do this on stories, and ways to get around the fact that there is no such native feature for posts. Having said that, in both cases these are not particularly long and complex procedures, right?

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