A Simple Guide on How to Download Instagram Reels

The unstoppable rise of TikTok in recent months has forced its competitors, such as Instagram, owned by Facebook, to opt for alternatives to its content and introduce a broadcast format similar to that of the Chinese social network. The result of this decision is Reels, the short videos on the social network that allow access to a large number of stories in vertical video format, which are consumed at high speed with a very simple interface. And like the rest of the Instagram videos, you can easily download Instagram Reels on your smartphone.

Download Instagram Reels

Well, this is possible thanks to new apps that have reached the Google store to take advantage of the existence of these new videos from the social network. With it, you can access the Reels we want and download them. There is an app specialized in precisely this type of download, and it is called Reels video Downloader, which offers us an extremely simple interface to download Reels videos.

With it, you can download the usual videos that are published on the social network and those that have been created under this new type of short video and normally vertical format. Well, what we must do before opening this app is to go to the Reels you want to download.download Instagram Reels

After accessing, go the preferred Reel and click on the three vertical points at the bottom. Once the pop-up menu is displayed, click on “Copy link,” which is the web address where the video is located. Now with this address copied, you have to open the downloader app. Once open, click on the “Paste” button to paste the web address in the app and look at the video’s preview.

Now you have to click on the download icon at the bottom of the video. A button that can be grey or green, but in both cases shows a typical downward download arrow. Now you will have the Reels video downloaded to your phone to watch it whenever you want, even without an internet connection.

Of course, it is necessary to understand that this is not an official tool. You are responsible for the content that is downloaded through it and how you use the videos. That they should not be shared in any case or made public use of them without the consent of their authors. This app can also download any video from Instagram with the same method, copying and pasting the link to access the video offline, saving it physically in your terminal. Therefore by copying the link of any publication with video within Instagram, we can download it to the mobile.

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