Figma Vs Photoshop: Which is the Best Option for Designers?

Any web designer can use several tools in his work (Adobe XD, Sketch, Illustrator, Webflow, etc.). But disputes in the professional environment, most often, arise from the use of Figma and Photoshop. Some think that Photoshop is the foundation that specialists cannot do without. Others argue: Figma is enough for full-fledged work. Who is right, and what is the basis for such a choice? Let’s analyze the key points of this “confrontation” between Figma and Photoshop, deciding which one still makes sense to choose.Adobe photoshop

The Benefits of Photoshop

  1. Ideal for using bitmap graphics. Basically, Photoshop was created to retouch photographs. This makes it convenient to restore photographs. The solution helps to convert a b/w image into color. Photo processing is simplified. If the work involves the use of a significant number of photos, then you definitely cannot do without Photoshop.
  2. It becomes possible to create complex creative layouts. Photoshop provides the designer with the ability to apply ready-made images from photo stocks and process them if necessary. You can cut out animals and people, change the background and colors, quickly create interesting collages. Having learned even the basics of “Photoshop,” you can turn the simplest picture into a true masterpiece – and very quickly.
  3. The program is familiar to both developers and most customers. For people far from design, Photoshop is something to trust truly. The “old proven” program for creating .psd layouts is a classic. Finding a developer who would act outside of this format is much more difficult.

Why Some People Dislike Photoshop

  1. Not easy to learn. This is a complex program with a lot of nuances. In fact, it has been “conquered” for months and even years. But, if you still master Photoshop, it will be much easier to master others.
  2. Problems arising when working with vector images. The program draws icons, various shapes, figures, etc. But it is not easy to implement these tasks. The same details can be created using other tools such as  CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and then load the results into Photoshop and finalize the layout.Figma Photoshop

Figma Benefits

  1. The ability to work on the layout in a team. This is very convenient when it comes to joint activities. The function is similar to what Google Workspace offers – designers are specified, each has its own cursor. When you need to communicate with each other, you can do this directly in the solution – without using additional functionality. But, if you do the work without colleagues’ involvement, this function will remain unclaimed.
  2. You can work without installing the program. And this is great – especially if a specialist has an old technique at his disposal, but there is no way to acquire a new one in principle. True, the program will still slow down the work – even when the desktop version is used. If this option seems unacceptable, it is better to install the tool on a PC, which will provide ample opportunities for the designer.
  3. The presence of the “Components” function. And this is an obvious advantage. What is it? It’s simple: you can change the repeating elements without affecting each one. For example, you make an icon to locate on each of the layout pages, but suddenly you decide to change its color. Using Figma, it is enough to select the “Components” function and assign an initial element as such, and then create copies. Then, if you need to change something, you can edit only one icon – everything else will happen automatically. This feature is also present in Photoshop – it’s called Smart Objects. But the possibilities are much less, and therefore not convenient.
  4. The convenience of working with vector images. But in this case, small details, icons, etc., will have a higher quality than those created in Photoshop. There are no visible pixels, and the picture does not degrade even if you zoom in.
  5. There is a vector network, when using which not just points, but even lines can easily move while not violating the geometry. When using other versions of programs with similar actions, designers have difficulties.

What gives rise to negative impressions of Figma

  1. Without installation and in the absence of the Internet, you will not be able to do anything. If the user decides to do without downloading the application, you need to be prepared because any connection problems will cause access to Figma to be blocked. Those who have been doing something at the moment will not be able to keep their jobs.
  2. The program is suitable only for creating websites with a simple design.


Of course, to work in Photoshop, you need to learn a little. Without knowledge in Photoshop, creating high-quality creative layouts, most likely, will not work, plus you need raster images, and sometimes they are not easy to assemble. Well, if your customer is prone to minimalism, does not wait for photo editing, then Figma may be a good alternative.

What do professionals choose? Figma and Photoshop are useful and important. But even before starting work on a project, it makes sense to define your preferences and find out what to do. Ideally, you need to imagine not just the capabilities of Figma and Photoshop but also own several other programs. This will enable the specialist to implement the most unexpected ideas and, of course, will affect their income. If you do not have the resources to use many programs, then the definitive answer is  Adobe Photoshop.

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