How to Blur Multiple Faces in a Photo Without Installing Apps on Your PC or Mobile

The use of online tools that help us carry out processes that would otherwise take us much more time is becoming more and more frequent. On the Internet, we can find countless pages and web tools that make our lives much easier. We will look at a tool that can help you blur multiple faces in a photo.

Blur texts and faces in a photo

For many reasons, we find ourselves in the need to blur or pixelate part of a photo or document image. If you do not have access to retouching applications or you want to do it from any device without installing anything, you can do it using this online web tool. This is Facepixelizer. Alternatively, you can opt for ImgTools, which is also easy to use. An image editor specialized in hiding the information you do not want to be made public in your photos, such as faces or texts. As it is an online tool, it is executed through the browser, and the images you upload do not leave it as they are not sent through the network.Face pixelizer tool

How it Works

Its operation is very simple:

  • Open a new window in the browser
  • Type in the search bar You will manage to shade the parts of the image you want to hide in just three steps.
  • First, drag the image in jpg or png format to the area of ​​the indicated image.
  • Select with the mouse the area of ​​the image that you need to shade
  • And finally, once you are done, save the image.

In this way, you optimize time since, in a professional editing program like Photoshop, you need at least seven mouse clicks to obtain the same result. Among the tool’s options, you will find a very interesting one that helps you automate the process even more.

The face detection function helps you recognize the faces that appear in the image and quickly hide them by choosing between whether you want to pixelate or blur them. In the process, it may not recognize any of the faces if you tilt or turn them to the side. This will not be a problem as you can hide them using an Anonymization tool.

Other Features

This tool has two modes, automatic in which, thanks to artificial intelligence, it can recognize a text or a face. Making faces pixelate while blurring texts. Regardless of the font size or the faces, it has no influence since the effects can cover the selected area. In manual mode, you can choose both the effect you want to use and the size you will use to hide the information.blur photo

And once you have finished retouching your images, it only remains to download them. In addition, it also includes the option to undo if you are not entirely happy with the result and want to try other effects. In addition to this, it removes the Exif data from the photographs. Data such as the date and time the image was taken and other technical data such as the brand of the camera or the exposure time. An easy-to-use tool that helps you preserve the information that you do not want to make public quickly and easily. In addition to being unlimited, it does not have a limit of photos you can edit

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