Error 403 on DAZN Explained

Nature of the problem: this is a problem that can occur for the most varied causes, and which, in this case, affects the paid video streaming service DAZN. The 403 error notification is the DAZN site’s way of telling us it has received a request it cannot fulfil.

What does the 403 error depend on? It means that the site is not available at the moment, please try again later or contact support.

Here are some common problems in brief, and how you can try to fix them.

  • Site not active: The site may be inactive, tap retry after a few minutes to see if it resolves. To pass the wait, try restarting the PC, smartphone or router you use to connect.
  • Ban your IP: The address from which you are accessing the internet may have been banned from the DAZN site, so try to access the same page via proxyVPN or TOR or connection on your mobile phone to at least understand if the problem is related to your IP. It is recommended to try again after a few minutes.
  • Login problems: it is possible that you have, in theory, entered incorrect login credentials, such as username or password; in some cases, an error of this type could come out.

How is it resolved, then? Simply try again later, try another browser, clear your cache and history or – which we recommend in most cases – contact support. 

How to contact DAZN support

Generally, you can

  1. consult the DAZN FAQ and find an answer to your question
  2. DO NOT call, DAZN does not provide telephone assistance. The only number found online does not respond to technical problems;
  3. try to write to DAZN via Twitter: @DAZN_CA_Help
  4. by writing an email to or to (method not recommended)
  5. by going to chat, that is: clicking on the official website at and then clicking on the chat with us button in yellow, at the bottom right.

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