Earning Money with Instagram: That’s What Matters

Instagram has become one of the most widely used social media channels, on which millions of users post, like, comment, or share pictures every day. The story function, in particular, is one of the most popular functions on Instagram, with which users share short impressions from their everyday lives with friends and often present themselves to the public.

Many also use the social network as a source of income and earn good money with their posts on the platform. Have you been dealing with this topic for a long time and are wondering whether you can also make money with Instagram? Then in this article, we will explain how it can be done, which requirements you have to meet, and which strategies are most useful.

The potential of Instagram

Instagram has developed into one of the most lucrative social media channels for influencers worldwide in recent years. Because around one billion users use the platform monthly and around 500 million even daily. This makes Instagram one of the most popular networks and, like Facebook, Twitter and Co. enable all users around the world to be networked. In the meantime, numerous users have developed into successful influencers and earn a lot of money on Instagram.

So much that some of them can even live more than well. The topics of the influencers are fundamentally different because they have different target groups. From travel, beauty, and lifestyle to sport and fitness through to niche content such as art or gardening – everything is represented. There is not just one way to make money with Instagram. Sure, the first thing you think of is cooperation, but that’s just the most classic way.

Requirements for earnings

In order to use these opportunities as a source of income, however, you have to meet a few requirements. You can implement some of these requirements relatively quickly, others less so. We list the basic requirements for you so that you can see at a glance whether you already meet them.make money on Instagram


In order for you to be interesting for many Instagram users, you have to regularly produce and publish high-quality content. If your account is inactive and nothing happens, you will hardly be able to generate any attention. How much content is the right amount often varies. Some post several times a day, some at shorter intervals. Here it is important to find mediocrity so that you don’t spam your followers, but convince them with good content every now and then. You also have to be interactive and address your followers personally. This also shows whether you are passionate about your posts and whether you are having fun. Therefore, it is important to prove a certain authenticity here and thus build a community.


The second requirement is a little more difficult to implement. Because you have to have a certain reach in order to make money with Instagram. The simple equation applies here: the more followers, the more reach, the more likely it is to make more money. But how many followers do you need to have? Depending on the niche you serve, you have to be able to present a different number. In general, however, you should be followed by a four-digit or, depending on the case, five-digit number of users. If you cannot show this followership yet, you should take your time and build your profile with high-quality content at regular intervals and with a lot of patience. Because before that it will hardly work to make money with Instagram.


In order for your profile to look attractive, you should attach great importance to the quality of the photos. Whether you just take photos with a good smartphone camera or even a professional camera is up to you. It is important that the images look high quality and that you have an eye for uniform design. Because already when you first view your account, a common thread should run through your feed that typically and authentically reflects your topic.


Above all, you mustn’t forget to register a trade if you don’t already have one. Because in some countries everyone who pursues a commercial activity must complete a business registration. When do you know when a business registration is required? In principle, from when you want to use your account not only for private purposes but also as a source of income. And since you plan to make money on Instagram, you have to register a business.

Make Money With Instagram: These Strategies Work

If you now meet all the requirements, you can think about how you could earn money on Instagram. Because, as already mentioned, there is not just one possibility here. Depending on the subject area or range, there are different sources of income for you, which we would now like to present to you.


The best-known way to earn your money with Instagram is the classic collaborations. This means that you offer your profile as advertising space and get paid for brand-related contributions. For this you can, for example, present a certain product of a company in a post or you can create content for the Instagram presence of this company. Micro-influencers in particular are becoming more and more interesting for companies, as they authentically present their products to a small but suitable target group. You are a micro-influencer with just a few thousand followers.


Affiliate marketing offers a second important source of income via Instagram. In principle, this means that you can also introduce your followers to a product or service and convince them to buy it too. With purchase, you will then receive a commission payment. This is usually done via links so that the customer can use them to go directly to your partner’s product and pay. On Instagram, however, the integration of links is difficult because the platform does not allow you to insert clickable links. With the exception of a link in the bio, it is difficult to simply enter URLs into the post. Therefore, use short links that the user can easily remember or copy and then paste into the web browser. Another possibility would be to link a landing page with the affiliate-Link via your link in the bio so that the followers can also get to the desired website with the product via your bio.

However, once you’ve cracked the 10,000 follower mark, Instagram allows you to swipe up the story, so you can easily insert a link there. The user then swipes up in your story and comes directly to the partner’s website for the product. The activation of this function not only makes it easier and more convenient for you but above all for your followers. This means that there is also a greater likelihood that you will get your commission.


If you have your own products, you can of course also sell them through this channel. You should then show your products on your profile and make them the subject of your feed. Because Instagram offers you an attractive platform for customer acquisition that you should definitely use. You can then add the link to your online shop in your bio so that your followers can buy your products quickly and easily.


Since Instagram is a social media channel whose posts consist of pictures, this is the ideal platform to sell pictures and photos. Whether as a photographer, artist, or travel blogger – in your feed you have the opportunity to prove your skills behind the camera or as a designer. Videos, graphics, or paintings – use the visual advantages of this platform and communicate that your works can also be purchased in high quality.

How much money can I earn?

One question that you are sure to be very interested in is how much money you can make with Instagram. What does the amount of the sum depend on? Do contributions and stories bring in the same amount? Which guidelines can I use as a guide?

Basically, the rule is that there is no rule. There is no formula that calculates how many followers a post or story can cost. Every influencer has its own intrinsic value. This differs from industry to industry and differs from influencer to influencer. Of course, every influencer has a certain market price that can be roughly used as a guide. How high your own worth is, of course, depends largely on you. You determine your appearance and you determine your cooperations and partners. And the partner also influences the price, because the inquiring company, large or small, in turn, influences the price range. There are hardly any upper or lower limits because the actual price largely depends on your negotiating skills.Instagram earnings

Make money on Instagram: 6 effective tips

With all of these sources of income, however, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to a specific one. Rather, you can use a combination of several to generate profits. In order for you to succeed, there are a few tips that you should definitely follow. We have put together six ultimate tips to help you with your project.


If companies approach you because they believe that you are serving their target group with your account, then you should also check at the same time whether you want to present this product or service to your followers. Therefore, not only pay attention to the money but also to remain authentic. If you take on every deal, your profile can quickly become impersonal and unnatural. In the worst case, your followers will soon no longer believe you and you will lose them. So know your target group and their interests.

Authenticity also means that you shouldn’t buy likes or use bots to increase reach. Try to build your channel organically, otherwise, you will appear unattractive to many companies and partners. Because then no interested customers are responsible for the interactivity on your profile, but fake accounts with fake likes.


Knowing what your competitors are doing and what strategies they are pursuing is quite relevant. In general, you shouldn’t lose sight of your direct competitors who serve the same niche as you and keep an eye on them. Not only so that you are always informed, but also because suitable collaborations may develop. Use their communication to derive strategies for yourself if something turns out to be very successful.


If you get inquiries from companies, you should take care of them immediately. Nobody likes to be long in coming. If you don’t regularly look through your inquiries for suitable partnerships, companies may have found other partners in the meantime. You should also make sure that long-term partnerships can develop from these inquiries, so always appear professional and reliable. In order to be perfectly prepared, you can also send the company a media kit or provide information for business partners on your landing page.


In order to maintain your authenticity, you should quickly answer questions or comments from your followers. They have to get the feeling that you are entering into a personal discourse with them and that their opinion is important to you. If you convey closeness and personality, your followers remain loyal to you, recommend you to others, and your number of followers increases. This interaction can also be noticed positively by companies.


If you offer real added value for companies with your profile, then be aware of this and do not sell yourself below value. Depending on how many followers you have, you can get your cooperation paid well. To do this, find out about your network what can be asked for in this industry. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and come up with a reasonable price. Many companies have recognized the value of influencer marketing and are ready to invest in you as an important partner.


In everything you do, you need to know Instagram’s guidelines. This also includes marking advertisements in your posts so that your followers can recognize them as such. This promotes transparency and also credibility.

Conclusion: Not every cooperation is worth the money

Ultimately, anyone who fills their profile with authentic and high-quality content and interacts with their followers can earn money with Instagram. The amount of winnings can also vary greatly, as it depends on many factors. You should now be aware that you can lose a lot of money if you accept every cooperation and every request for advertising placement. As a result, you lose authenticity and with it the credibility of your followers. Find an industry or niche that reflects your passion, as this will also make it much easier for you to increase your reach.

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