3 Apps to Help You Know Your Instagram Unfollowers

Knowing your Instagram Unfollowers is a common and recommended practice to clean up your following count.

Many people or brands start to follow you so that you return the follow, and after a while or days, they stop following you on Instagram.

This practice is known as follow for follow, and it is becoming more and more widespread as it is one way to get more followers on Instagram.

So that this does not happen to you and they do not unfollow you on Instagram, I will teach you a series of tools to help you know your Instagram unfollowers.

How to Know Who Follows You On Instagram

To see who follows you on Instagram, you only have to access your application and select your profile, and your number of followers will appear above. Now you will only have to click on that number, and your followers will appear on Instagram in chronological order.

Why Do I Have More Instagram Unfollowers?

This practice is usually carried out by individuals or companies that only seek to grow followers, but we are going to see other reasons:

  • Your content does not interest them (you upload excessive content, or on the contrary, you do not upload practically anything, and the one you upload does not attract their attention).
  • They have followed you so you can follow them on Instagram.
  • They have done a cleaning of followers and deleted those that they did not know.

Apps to Track Instagram Unfollowers

Unfollowers and Followers Tracker for InstagramInstagram Unfollowers tracker

Unfollowers and Followers Tracker for Instagram is an app to unfollow those who do not follow you on Instagram.

Its operation is very simple. You only have to download it, and you will be able to:

  • Know which users do not follow you.
  • They follow you but you don’t.

It also allows you to know other very interesting information, but for that, you will need coins that you can get either by paying or by viewing ads in the app itself, and you will be able to know:

  • Which people give you the least likes.
  • Who comment less to you.
  • Most commented posts and with more “likes.”

Ig AnalyzerInstagram Analyzer

Ig Analyzer is another very complete Instagram application with more features than the previous one.

For example, some of the data that we can extract is:

  • What people don’t follow you back.
  • Which ones have you not returned the follow.
  • With which people you follow each other on Instagram.
  • Total likes.
  • A graph with the followers gained and lost over time.

Followers Pro For Instagramfollowers pro Instagram

Finally, I want to recommend this application you can use to find out who stops following you on Instagram. With its free version, you can:

  • Know the evolution of your followers won and lost.
  • See the growth of the account.
  • Users who have blocked you.
  • Who stops following you.

You can download the APK version of Followers Pro for Instagram since it’s not available on app stores.

Tips for managing unfollows on Instagram

Finally, I want to give you a series of tips when it comes to managing unfollows on this social network.

#1. When they start to follow you on Instagram before returning the following, go to their profile and see if it is a company or a person.

#2. Check that it is not a fake profile or that it only spam (lately there are many accounts of this type)

#3. Look at the difference between followers and followed.

If they have many more in a row, be careful because it is a good indication that you are carrying out a follow x follow strategy.

#4. Analyze what is the level of engagement in the publications it has.

If a profile is a desert of interactions in relation to the number of followers, don’t follow it.

#5. Analyze your balance of followers weekly and check who has unfollowed you on Instagram.

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