Dark Mode on iPhone or iPad: How to Activate it in iOS

When you spend a lot of time in front of your mobile screen, your eyes get tired. Rather than dazzling them all the time, switch to dark mode in iOS! The display will be both more relaxing and more elegant.

All operating systems, both on computers and mobile devices, have adopted it in recent years. Dark mode replaces usually white elements with black or very dark gray. The menus, the menu bars, the contents of the windows of certain applications then display texts in white on a black or dark gray background. A process that significantly improves reading comfort, day and night. Another advantage, less but not negligible, the dark mode allows gaining a little autonomy on the battery of the device provided that this one is equipped with an OLED screen. The LED LCD screens always use backlight, even to display black. 

Dark Mode in iOS

Apple has integrated dark mode in iOS a year after offering it in macOS – since version 13 was released in 2019. It has since been enriched with an automatic or programmable mode to switch from a display mode to the other during the day. Note that most current applications also comply with the display mode chosen in the system. Their interface turns the texts in white or clear depending on the choice made in iOS.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on iPhone or iPad

  • To turn on Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad, go to Device Settings. Then press the Display and Brightness options.
  • Now tap on the Dark tile at the top of the screen.switch to dark mode on iPhone
  • The display automatically switches to a black background.
  • If you activate the automatic mode, the toggle between Light and Dark modes will follow the sunrise and sunset times without you having to do anything.
  • You can also set the changeover time yourself. Press Options then Custom Schedule.
  • Now define the time slots to use the light mode and then the dark mode.

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