Curved TV vs Flat TV: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Curved TVs?

When buying a smart TV, you should know if the Smart TV has Android or what operating system it has. The choice between a curved or flat one is also relevant. We will talk a little about curved televisions and how they relate to planes. Read carefully this comparison between curved TV vs flat TV. What are the advantages and disadvantages of curved televisions? We will answer everything below.

Flat TV

Flat TVs have been the norm since HD screens became so relevant. Many still prefer this type of screen, since they are highly recommended for spacious places. They do not need to be so large to cover a wide spectrum of vision. Although at this point the differences between televisions with Full HD definition and 4K UHD also come into play.

Flat screens can be hung and placed almost anywhere. In addition, they are substantially cheaper than curved televisions and tend to be more prominent in terms of reflections, due to the way they are manufactured.

Anyway, a lot is already known about flat TVs, but what about curved TVs? Next, we will talk to you about them and we will indicate some disadvantages that they have in relation to the flat televisions of a lifetime.

Curved TV

These types of screens seek to create a sensation of immersion since the purpose is to occupy more of the visual field of people. In fact, this type of screen/monitor is often highly recommended for gamers. Given this, a large part of the monitors designed for gaming are curved.

Either way, if you’re too far from the screen, they might not be the most beneficial. For this reason, as a primary aspect, it should be taken into account that they are specifically designed to create a feeling of immersion.

This type of panel also takes into account the distance of our eyes from the screen. Curved televisions seek to delimit the distances between the screen and the eyes, making each point of the television the same distance as our gaze.

This is something difficult to understand. In short, these televisions seek to be better adapted to our vision, as long as they are viewed from relatively short distances or according to what is established in the manuals.

The whole immersion thing is heightened, as curved TVs are exceptional at creating a sense of depth. As we pointed out before, this is a very positive thing in the world of video games. For some people, it also stands out in the movies.curved television

Disadvantages of a Curved TV

As we noted earlier, curved televisions must be viewed from a very specific position. In other words, the viewpoints are limited. They are not the best televisions if you plan to hang it somewhere. In other words, they are meant to be on a table.

If you plan to use the television in a large living room, you will need to use a large television. In fact, curved televisions must be substantially larger than flat televisions due to their design.

Finally, perhaps the main disadvantage of this type of television is its price. They are more expensive than flat televisions.

So which TV to choose?

Certainly, this question cannot be answered. Why? Indeed because it depends on many factors. If you are a gamer, a curved TV/monitor could be beneficial, also if you are looking for a feeling of immersion.

In any case, keep prices in mind and analyze which is the most suitable size for the TV. On the other hand, flat TVs are very good too. Don’t be fooled, there are quite a few models at great prices that you shouldn’t ignore.

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