Check the Water Resistance of Your Phone With This App

Do you have a phone with a broken screen, and you want to know if it is still waterproof? Have you just repaired it, and are you afraid that it is no longer airtight or water could get into it? In any case, if you have a mobile certified with IP68 / IP67 water resistance and you want to verify its integrity, you can do it in a fairly simple way.

Water Resistance Tester is a free application available on the Play Store, and as incredible as it may seem (can apps do this?) It is capable of checking the water resistance of an Android mobile without having to wet it or submerge it in water.

How to check the water resistance of an Android device

Its operation is quite simple, but no less ingenious for that. This tool uses the internal barometer that mobile phones incorporate to measure the pressure and check if the seal of the device is still intact.

Once you have installed the app, you just have to open it and apply pressure with both thumbs on the screen. A few seconds later, the application will tell you if the phone has passed the test or, on the contrary, it is no longer waterproof.water resistance tester app

From what users comment in this Reddit thread, the application works quite well and offers the most reliable results. We have also tried to verify its effectiveness, bypassing the test on a Samsung Galaxy S10 + (with IP68 protection) and a Google Pixel 3A (without certification). In both cases, it has detected resistance to water and dust without major complications.

In the case of the Google Pixel, which does not have any type of IP certification, it also has a broken screen, so it does not pass the barometric pressure test.

There are more applications for Android with which you can measure the liquid resistance of your device. Most work on older phones, so the results are not usually very reliable. Water Resistance Tester is the first that has been programmed with today’s mobiles in mind, so it is much more recommended.

Note: For Water Resistance Tester to work, your Android device must have an integrated barometer.

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