When You Should NOT Accept ‘cookies’

Cookies are in all websites we access on the Internet. Normally, when the request to accept them appears, we click without further delay. However, there are times when it is really better not to accept them. We explain the details you should know when you should avoid them.

What are cookies?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by cookies. In general, they could be defined as the trackers or information collectors of each page or application that we access. It is a kind of ‘consent request‘ similar to the consent models to handle the personal data we have to sign, for example, when we go for medical consultation.

Specifically, cookies are responsible for remembering the login data and personalizing the experience on certain websites based on your way of browsing and accessing them.

On the negative side, others may store information about the IP address with which you access. That is, they collect information about the place from which you enter, the telephone, what searches you do, or what you buy online. In short, more sensitive information that we may not want to share.

Are there risks if you accept them?

Most of the time, cookies are not a big cybersecurity problem. Of course, you should not accept them on non-secure pages. To check this, you can click on the padlock that you will see to the left of the browser’s URL, and if “the connection is secure,” you can accept cookies with confidence. If it is not, or you are not sure of the transparency of the web you are accessing, do not accept them.

After giving consent, can you revoke it?

To delete them, you just have to go to your browser tools and click on “Clear browsing data.” In time select “Always” and make sure you check the “Cookies and other site data.” Finally, click on ” Clear data. “

In this way, even if you have previously provided your consent, you can revoke it if you prefer not to continue sharing certain information with that web page.

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