5 Free Online Video Editors Without Watermark

All online video editors that do not leave a watermark have some limitations, such as the maximum resolution or the duration of the video. This is the price you must pay if you want to use a free online editor of this type since its monetization model is based on paid subscriptions, which logically do not have these kinds of restrictions.

Here are the top 5 online video editors without watermark.

Movie Maker Online

One of the best options, if not the best, if you just want to edit a video quickly and easily. It does not require registration of any kind, does not leave watermarks and allows you to render videos even in 1080p FullHD format.

The interface is a bit strange since it shows the timeline of the videos vertically, something unusual in this type of tool. For the rest, it allows you to create videos with a maximum duration of 10 minutes, with the possibility of adding music, text, transitions and even video effects.

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ClipChampFree Online Video Editors Without Watermark

If you are already used to using professional video editors, you will find yourself at home here. ClipChamp’s online editor has a well-organized interface, with a timeline, tracks and several options to import videos, text, images, backgrounds, transitions… and all this with a multitude of templates and a catalog of media that you can use for your video creations.

At the functional level, it is without a doubt one of the best free online video editors without a watermark that you can currently find. Where is the trick? The only negative aspect is that it only allows you to export videos at 480p SD resolution, making it necessary to upgrade to a paid plan to be eligible for better image quality. It also requires registration, although you can use a Google or Microsoft account to sign in.

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Kapwing allows you to edit videos and export them without watermarks, as long as the video does not exceed 5 minutes and weighs less than 250MB. The editor can be used without login, but to export the video without watermark, login (Google, Facebook, email) is required.

Compared to other similar online tools, the truth is that it offers the most favorable conditions. As if that were not enough, the interface is the most complete, full of tools and functionalities. Definitely one of my favorites.

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Flex Clip

As a video editor, FlexClip is not bad at all. The interface is quite simple but allows you to do all the basics. It reminds me a lot of ClipChamp but without so many features. Of course, it has thousands of stock files, images, backgrounds, transitions, texts and others that we can use to enrich our creations.

To be able to export the videos, you need to register (you can create an account or log in with Google), and in its free version, although it does not include a watermark, it is quite limited: the videos can only last a maximum of one minute, and the resolution is 480p SD.

Come on, it can come in handy for making short videos for TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram, but if you’re looking for something a little longer, you’ll have to subscribe to the paid version.

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Another free online video editor without watermarks. The interface and set of tools are basic but with everything you need, timelines and more. It allows you to upload local files but also to make screen and microphone recordings.

Of course, it requires registration (Google, Facebook or email), and the videos cannot exceed 5 minutes in length. The maximum resolution allowed for free accounts is 480p SD. In short, an online editor very similar to ClipChamp and FlexClip.

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Bonus recommendation: EZGIFthe best Free Online Video Editors Without Watermark

EZGIF is a website that includes a large number of multimedia editing tools. It is mainly focused on the creation and editing of GIFs, but it also has several utilities for video editing.

More specifically, the 4 video tools that it incorporates are:

  • An online video cutter.
  • A tool to reverse videos.
  • Video trimmer.
  • A tool to rotate videos.

They are very simple utilities, but they can come in handy if all you need is to make a very light edit on the video. It is free, without registration and does not leave watermarks, but only supports files of a maximum of 100MB.

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