Why Choose DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve is undoubtedly the best known and most popular program for those involved in video editing and, in particular, color grading and color correction. DaVinci Resolve is used by television and film studios worldwide. It is the software that owners of Blackmagic cameras (such as the popular pocket cameras ) use to work their footage easily without encountering conversion problems and output management.

Over time, DaVinci Resolve has gained more and more the attention of video editors not only for its impeccable color grading (post-production) capabilities but also for the editing tout court. What are the reasons for this success?benefits of DaVinci Resolve

Why Choose DaVinci Resolve

The price

It may sound venal, but one of the reasons many fall in love with DaVinci Resolve is the price. DaVinci Resolve is available in two versions:

  • a free one (Da Vinci Resolve),
  • a paid version with more features ( DaVinci Resolve Studio ).

The Studio version also has an extremely affordable price. Its one-time payment method seems to appeal to everyone, especially the detractors of monthly paid subscriptions. With the free version, you can do everything, from editing to post-production, passing through the audio finishing, managing formats up to 60fps and an incredible resolution of   3840 x 2160. In the Studio version (for a fee), you will be able to work with 32k resolution videos at 120 fps! In the paid version of DaVinci, you will also have advanced features such as the famous Denoise to reduce the noise of the footage.

Very often, those who approach DaVinci Resolve start with the free version and gradually become convinced of the quality of the software and switch to the Studio version.

The interface

The DaVinci Resolve interface is compact, minimalist, clear and well organized. If you use other editing software when starting DaVinci, you can import the keyboard shortcuts you are used to with one click. DaVinci offers the CUT tab for editing, with its highly appreciated and popular dual timeline. It allows you to always see:

  • All the clips you have loaded (in the upper part)
  • A larger area to work with precision (in the lower part)
  • The EDIT tab with relatively large but not bulky icons. Clear and intuitive.

A tab that deserves attention in DaVinci Resolve is the INSPECTOR. From here, it is very easy to crop a clip, stabilize a video, change its speed and playback direction. Everything you need in DaVinci Resolve is in the lower part of the interface:

  • MEDIA,
  • CUT,
  • EDIT,
  • COLOR,


Post-production, which includes color grading and color correction, is why many video editors choose DaVinci Resolve. A quick inspection of the DaVinci Resolve COLOR tab shows us why. Numerous clear and understandable sub-interfaces for powerful color management. This may include the curves and tools of the Color Warper panel. Color grading is so well integrated into the workflow. It is imperceptible to transition from one activity to another within this program.

Powerful functions

Some features of this program blow your mind. The DeNoise that DaVinci proposes produces incredible results in removing chroma or luminance noise from video clips! But also functions such as the ” Scene cut detection “can automatically disassemble an already edited video and return the individual clips that make it up!


DaVinci is a complete and mature video editing program with a clear interface and powerful functions. It is not surprising that it has gradually become the standard for those who deal with post-production and editing tout court. The fact that the basic version is free also attracts a growing audience that can experiment before finalizing the purchase of the Studio version.

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