YouTube Makes it Easy to Choose Streaming Quality for Your Videos

YouTube is one of the few services that gives so many options on the quality of the videos consumed on its platform. This feature may see significant changes in the coming months, based on a current trial version.

The 9to5Google website reports YouTube’s intention to simplify the settings for the quality of the videos. Users will find a menu easier to understand and choose the option that best suits their preferences.

For starters, the classic 144p or 1080p indications will no longer be available to the naked eye. Instead, we will see a more precise explanatory menu. You can choose between the automatic option, the most recommended, that is, the one that offers the best experience; an option with the highest video quality; another to protect the consumption of data and therefore of lower quality; or a last advanced option.YouTube streaming settings

The quality of the video in number is indicated at the beginning of the menu in case there is any doubt about the option that has been chosen. If these new selections do not clarify, it is possible to recover the previous format with the fourth option, Advanced.

The main objective is not to saturate users with a list of more than seven options and facilitate their use. It is important to indicate that the chosen preference will only work for that video, returning to the default format in the next one and being necessary to adjust the quality once more.

As this process in each video that we decide to watch can be exhausting, YouTube provides at the end of the menu a link to the settings of its platform, where it is possible to change the preference in quality if we want it higher or lower in all the contents. It all depends on whether we prefer to watch the videos in their highest quality or are concerned about running out of data or having problems with the WiFi network.


All these changes are still in the testing phase. We will not find them yet on our phones or computers. The screenshot provided by 9to5Google is from version 15.45.32, of which we have no data on its possible release date and the number of countries in which these new settings will be available.

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