Windows 10 Screen Resolution Too Large. How to Fix

When your view of your computer screen is too large, or too small, it means that you need to change the screen resolution or resize the text, icons, and windows. There are various methods that you can use. We recommend some useful ones so as to improve the resolution of your Windows 10 computer.

Windows 10 screen resolution too large

The screen resolution of a Windows 10 computer is characterized by the amount of pixels displayed both horizontally and vertically. In some cases, display problems may occur, such as if you want to connect an external monitor.

These are problems related to the incorrect configuration of the system, which leads to too large or otherwise too small writing, undefined images, and a blurred and annoying display effect for the eyes.

To overcome the problem of the Windows 10 screen resolution being too large, you can change the settings to enlarge or reduce the icons and text, so as to display them in the best size that best suits your needs.

Change screen resolution in Windows 10

To fix the Windows 10 screen resolution too large problem, then you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Click on Start in the taskbar. Generally, this key is at the bottom left, or on the keyboard with the Windows symbol ;
  2. Go to the System section and then to Display;
  3. Select Advanced Display Settings
  4. Go to the bottom of the screen settings, here you will find the section dedicated to the screen resolution;
  5. With the drop-down menu you can change the number of horizontal and vertical pixels;
  6. At this point save the chosen ratio and you will have solved!

Thanks to this system you can change the resolution of the screen. You can also change the ratio between height and width, such as 4/3 or 16/9. Among the various solutions, there is also the one “recommended” by Windows. This is precisely the one that the software deems optimal based on the type of monitor used, ensuring the best possible resolution.

Saving the chosen settings will automatically change the resolution of your computer and you can get what you are trying to do.

Change screen resolution in Windows 10 video card

Depending on the type of graphics card in your computer, with Windows 10 operating system, it is also possible to change the screen resolution directly from the management program of the same video card. To do this, simply go to the Control Panel of your graphics card, and change the screen resolution settings.

Alternatively, you can follow the path indicated in the previous paragraph: Start -> System -> Screen. Then click in the section dedicated to the settings for custom resizing. Here, you can choose one of the percentages proposed to improve the resolution of your computer screen.

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