Who Blocked Me on Twitter? Here is How You Can Find Out

Twitter is a social network where, in addition to writing comments with great freedom, any user is exposed to receiving the opinions of other accounts. On many occasions, tweets by so-called trolls can generate annoying activity and a negative experience within the platform.

However, the platform allows its users to block, silence, or report annoying tweeps. When an account blocks a user, its content stops showing in the feed, but … how do you know if someone has blocked you?

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on Twitter

There is no list or web page where you can see the accounts that block a user. Therefore, the only option that exists is to go to the account that you suspect has blocked you.

These are the steps to follow to find out if an account is blocking a user:

-Firstly, you must open Twitter in the web browser or use the phone app.

-In case you are using a computer, you must go to the search box and type the name of the account of the user who is suspected of being blocked.

-When you have entered the account, you must find the name of the profile and click on it. If the user is locked, you will not be able to view the profile. Instead, you will see a message stating: ‘You are blocked from following @UserX and Can’t see or follow @UserX Tweets.

-If you perform this search from the phone, the procedure is similar. You must search for the account through the search engine. All you have to do is press the magnifying glass icon to access the search box. Then you must type in the suspicious account and access it. If the aforementioned message appears, it means that you are being blocked by that account. If you are not seeing any message, you can refresh several times or try looking up on your PC if you are using the phone app.

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