Twitter Now Allows You to Schedule Spaces

Right when Clubhouse just launched for Android worldwide, Twitter continues to advance with new features for Spaces. It’s a tool that allows you to create audio chat rooms similar to those of Clubhouse.

Twitter Spaces is now available to all iOS and Android users who have more than 600 followers on the social network. However, before enabling its use for more than 191 million Twitter users, the company has launched two important new features in its operation regardless of their followers.

On the one hand, Twitter has launched Spaces programming. This allows creators of these rooms to establish them in advance and communicate their celebration following a specific message plan, generating expectations in potential listeners.

How to schedule a Space on Twitter

To schedule a Space, you just have to create a Space as before, and you will see a new option that says “Schedule for later,” right next to “Start your Space.” By clicking on that session, you will be able to select the time and day you will hold the Space, which will be scheduled, as shown in the tweet shared by the company in its official Spaces account:

In addition, you will get a unique URL for your Space, which you can share through social networks and email to notify interested parties. From that creation menu, you can also share the celebration of the Space through a tweet at that time or by Direct Message send it to whoever you want.

30 minutes before the Space is to start, the hosts – who are also the creators – will receive a notice from Twitter to ensure that they are ready to develop the Space. Once it is about to start, another notice will also be sent.

Users, meanwhile, will be able to set a reminder so that Twitter will also notify them when that event is about to begin. All they have to do is click on “Set Reminder,” a function that is displayed when they access a programmed Space. Thus, when the Space starts, they will receive a notice from Twitter.

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