WhatsApp Pink: Be Careful, It’s a Virus and It Could Hack Your Phone

Every so often, a new so-called version of WhatsApp appears with extra features than the original. It already happened a couple of years ago with WhatsApp Gold. Now, it seems that scammers are back on the scene with a new color, WhatsApp Pink.

Recently several WhatsApp users have claimed to be receiving a link through the messaging application. A link that once clicked and installed promises to change the theme or interface design to a more pleasant pink one.

WhatsApp Pink is not a new theme. It is a virus

As cybersecurity experts clarify, you should never click on these types of links. In this case, it is a malicious link that allows potential access to third parties. It also obtains control of your smartphone and personal data. In addition to that, you could also lose access to WhatsApp.

Another ‘advantage’ that this supposedly personalized version of WhatsApp offers is that it includes many new functions. Something that has caused many people to forward the link to their closest contacts thinking that they are “doing them a favor” when they are doing the opposite.

What happens if I install WhatsApp Pink on my mobile?

The link that is circulating is a download link for an APK file. If you install this application in APK format, you will see that the aforementioned modified pink version of WhatsApp is installed.

In essence, it is an application that differs very little from the official version. It has certain different details, such as a menu of options different from the original.

Of course, this is all a facade to keep up appearances. In reality, we are faced with a malware or virus capable of taking control of our phones and everything it contains, such as photos, contacts, SMS messages, bank passwords, etc.

Another effect of installing the modified version of WhatsApp is that if the manufacturer detects that you are using an unauthorized version of its app, it can block your account. Therefore, with WhatsApp Pink, you will not only be infecting your Android device, but they could also expel you from WhatsApp. That is, what is known as a “double combo.”

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