5 Things You Should Avoid Sharing on WhatsApp and Social Networks

The statuses of WhatsApp and social networks give us the possibility to share our best moments, but it is always important to be cautious in the data we share since it could be seen by people who are not trustworthy. Check out this list of things you should avoid sharing to protect your privacy.

Things to avoid sharing on WhatsApp and social networks

1. Your location

Share your location only with your family or with your close friends; either because you are meeting with them or to let them know that you are safe somewhere. Avoid doing it on your social networks in real-time, since you would be providing information to people you do not know about important details. For example, that you went out and your house is alone, or you are without company somewhere.

2. Photos of your plane tickets or an event

Like the first point, you will be providing data on when your house will be alone. Also by taking a photo of a barcode ticket, someone could get the information and use it to make a duplicate.

3. Opinions about your work

Social networks give us the possibility to vent and tell details of our day, including our work life. But we must be reserved in our comments and not be able to do everything in Public mode. For example, speaking ill of a boss could later cause a company to consider this information in its recruitment process, as some consult the social networks of candidates to learn more about them.social networking sites

4. Important documents

You should not share documents such as your passport, credit cards, or more on social networks or WhatsApp. This information is personal and some people could misuse it.

5. Your phone number

On networks like Facebook or Instagram, it is preferable to keep your cell phone number hidden to avoid calls from strangers. Except if you are in sales or it is a business, but it is preferable to have a number assigned only to work issues, leaving the staff only to talk with friends or family.

Now that you know these important points, always remember to be cautious.

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