What to Do if Your Apple Watch Display is Broken

Apple products look great. The materials they use have advantages, like the clear picture on their glass screens. But that also makes them not as robust as some other products. If an Apple product breaks, one wonders, because of the high repair prices from official Apple experts, whether a repair or a new purchase is more worthwhile. But do you even have to go to a repair shop with a broken Apple Watch? Here are the best options.

The weak points of the Apple Smartwatch

Any part of an Apple watch can be damaged. The bracelet is not safe from this either. But since they’re usually cheaper to replace than the rest of the watch, the weak spots we have to worry about are the smartwatch’s display and battery.

Almost every generation of Apple watches has different problems, which can also differ between the models. A specialist in smartwatch repairs is very familiar with this and knows exactly how to treat which damage.


A smartwatch is an everyday object. We wear them every day in many cases. This means it is exposed to several movements and touches that can leave its mark. This does not leave a mark on the shiny, smooth glass surface (and the case around it).

The sapphire crystal displays of the newer Apple Watch generations are particularly steadfast and only break with a great deal of force. But a crack is not impossible, and scratches are not uncommon.

Battery pack

As with all battery-operated devices, the runtime will decrease over time. What covered a good period in the beginning can quickly be reduced to insufficient quantities if the watch is handled incorrectly. The Apple Watch should normally last around 18 hours. If you have to charge the watch several times a day over the years, it costs time and nerves because the full charging time is around 2 hours.

What to do if the Apple Watch display is broken

If you only have scratches on the display, you’re lucky. These can usually be paid for yourself or at least reduced quite easily. Both the display and the case of the Apple Watches can be treated with different polishes. Metal polish is worthwhile for metal housings. With the glass itself, you can first try home remedies such as toothpaste. If that doesn’t work, there is also special display polish available.

  • Turn off the Apple Watch.
  • Put some polish on a microfiber cloth.
  • Apply the polish and buff the surface using small circular movements and a little pressure.
  • When you feel all the scratches have been removed, you can wipe off a little polish with a damp cloth and check the result.
  • If there are still scratches, repeat the process.

If you cannot remove the scratches even after treatment with a display polish, they are too deep for a layman’s treatment. In this case, you should replace the watch display.

Replace Apple Watch display

If you have a bit of technical knowledge and instinct and are confident of doing the repairs yourself, you can order kits for display replacement on the Internet. However, as a layperson and without the appropriate tools, it is difficult to change the display even with these. Self-repairing includes, for example, steps such as heating the display to loosen the glass.

Check out YouTube videos that are in the process of repair to see what lies ahead. Anyone who makes mistakes can ruin the watch, make future maintenance more difficult, or lose all warranty claims. Repair services that are not provided by Apple are cheaper and a good alternative.

Helpful tips for protecting the battery

If you don’t want to replace the battery earlier than necessary, you must treat the Apple Watch carefully from the front. Proper handling can work wonders.

  • It is best not to charge the watch above 80% and do not let the battery drop below 20%.
  • Avoid hot temperatures.
  • Do not use quick chargers that put a lot of heat and stress on the battery.

If you notice that your watch is starting to falter, you can help in the settings.

  • Turn on theater mode or airplane mode | The watch saves power when it doesn’t have to intercept and display notifications constantly. There are also modes in which you can choose which notifications to pass through.
  • Turn off automatic updates | Background updates keep the watch constantly checking for updates and new messages, and it also uses power when it installs them.
  • Reduce the brightness | The brighter the display, the more electricity is consumed.
  • Select easily visible contrast | Rely on muted colors on which writing is easy to set off so that it is easy to read even without a bright display.

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