How to Know How Much RAM Your PC Supports

Lately, when you try to open a program, does the computer take a long time to start the software? Have you noticed for a few days that the system is noticeably slower than usual? If you have any of these problems or something similar, perhaps it is time to increase the amount of RAM installed on your computer. But first, you need to figure out how to know how much RAM your PC supports. If you don’t know how don’t worry! I’ll explain everything in detail in the next paragraphs of this article.

Motherboards can have different characteristics from each other and each of these can support more or less RAM, compared to another. So, to find out how much RAM your PC supports, you need to perform a few simple steps.

First, you have to find out the amount of RAM already installed on the computer, then you have to understand how many slots are still free on the motherboard. Finally, you have to find the exact model of the motherboard, to understand exactly the RAM supported.

How to know how much RAM your PC supports

As previously written, to understand how much RAM the PC supports, first you need to understand the amount of RAM already installed on your computer, to do this, the procedure to be performed is as follows:

  • Press the WIN + X keys from the keyboard ;
  • Click on the item “Task manager” ;
  • Select the “Performance” tab ;
  • From the list on the left, select the item “Memory.”

At this point, in the upper right part of the window, you can see the amount of RAM on your PC.

Through the procedure seen above, you will also be able to view the slots used and those available. Find this information next to the “Slots used” item in the lower right corner.PC RAM

How to Know the Model of Your Motherboard

Now you are aware of two important information (the amount of RAM installed on the PC and the number of free slots). At this point, you just have to find out the exact model of your motherboard. This will help you understand exactly how much RAM the motherboard supports.

To see the components present in your PC configuration and consequently the exact model of your motherboard, you will need to use a third-party program. In this case, I recommend that you try HWiNFO64.

To download HWiNFO64, access this page, move the cursor to the green “Free Download” button, under the “Installer” item, then click on one of the links available to download the program. After downloading the software, launch the .exe file you just downloaded. Follow the steps shown on the screen to complete the installation.

Once the installation is finished, start HWiNFO64. From the main screen, in the lower-left part, next to the “Motherboard” item, you can see the model of your motherboard.

At this point, all you have to do is copy the name of your motherboard. Paste it on Google and access the manufacturer’s website. Typically in the “Specifications” or “Overview” section. You will be able to see the maximum amount of RAM supported by the motherboard.

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