What is the Role of the USB Port on Your Router?

The router is a device that allows the interconnection of the different Internet networks through its IP address. This peripheral is the one that connects the Internet from the origin (a distributor) to its destination (Your home, your work, etc.).

This device that most people usually have at home and to which almost no attention is paid, unless we run out of Internet, brings with it in most cases different ports for use. One of these ports is usually USB, but what is the role of the USB port on your router?

Uses of USB Port on Your Router

Well, first of all, and the most obvious use that you can give to a connected USB port is as a charger, so one of its functionalities is that it can serve as a charging port for your different devices, although it should be noted that this type of USB ports are usually very weak, which could slow down the process.

Another use that can be given to this type of port is to share large files faster. That is to say, normally if you want to transfer a heavy photo or video folder from one computer to another, it is usually copied to a pen drive or external disk and change that pen drive or disk to the different computers where you want to share those files. However, if you plug that pendrive into the USB port of the router, other members of the house that are connected to the router will also be able to access these files.

As with the flash drive, if you were to connect a printer to this USB port of the router, it could also be used by everyone who has access to the Internet through that router.

Watch the video below for a detailed guide of different ways you can use the USB port on your router:

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