Apple Watch Won’t Charge – Possible Causes and Solutions

Apple Watch not charging? There can be different reasons. The watch does not always have to be technically defective. We’re going to introduce some solutions here on how to recharge this type of Watch.

When the Apple Watch is charging, you will recognize it by a lightning bolt. But what can you do if this symbol does not appear?

  1. First of all, check whether the Apple Watch is correctly attached to the small charging station. If the watch is not on the magnet, it will not make proper contact and cannot be charged.

  2. Restart the Watch. A fresh start can work wonders.

  3. Check that the cable is working properly. Use a different cable.

  4. Test the whole thing on a different socket. Maybe the socket is defective.

  5. If you charge the watch from the computer via the USB port, use a different USB port.

  6. Unpair the Watch from your iPhone. Reconnect the watch. Maybe that can help.

  7. If all didn’t help, you should reset the Watch. Tap on Settings and then on “General”. Scroll down and tap Reset. Follow the instructions.

Apple Watch won’t charge

If none of the tips helped, then there is a defect in the watch. Make an appointment with Apple, there may still be a warranty and Apple will swap or repair the watch. You can also visit watch repair experts to assess your device and diagnose the problem. This is an advanced watch that uses special technology, so you should be careful about the person you hand the task of fixing it.

The best option is directing all your complaints to Apple support where you will have your watch fixed by the right experts. Make sure you have all your purchase documents at hand and do not tamper with anything that can make your warranty void. Follow the steps above before forwarding your issue to Apple Support.

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