How to Install the Same App Twice on Android

The Android operating system grants you an option that can be tremendously useful: installing the same application twice on the same device. This avoids having to close a session in the said app to re-access using another profile.

For example, you could install WhatsApp twice to have two numbers or to use WhatsApp Plus. Or install Facebook twice and have two accounts. To achieve this, it will be necessary to install any of the following applications that allow you to have the same apps on one mobile device.

App Clonerapp cloner app

Allows you to download the same application a second time, change the icon, and give it a new name to distinguish it from the original application.

App Cloner installs it as if it were a different application to work completely independent from the original. A disadvantage, it does not allow you to install updates to the cloned app. The free version of Cloner only allows you to duplicate the same application twice.

Go Multiple 

Allows you to install a second copy of the same application as if it were a different one. To distinguish it from the original, the icon is surrounded by a white box. This second additional copy keeps the data corresponding to the user account separately. Download Go Multiple on Play Store.

Lucky Patcher

The only negative point of this application is that it is not compatible with all Android apps, so it will be a matter of trying your luck. In return, its operation is extremely simple. Just select the app that you want to clone. A menu will appear where you will have to press the “Clone Application” option. This will generate a new copy of the application on the device’s SD card.

Parallel Spaceparallel space Android

Generates a parallel space within the smartphone so that applications can be duplicated and used with different user accounts. And when you install the second version of the same application, it installs as if it were a new application, running in the background and receiving notifications as long as the Parallel Space app remains open.

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