How to Beat the TikTok Algorithm

TikTok, the social network that is rising and disturbing its main competitors in the short-lived video niche. Instagram launched Reels to counter TikTok, and even YouTube has competed with TikTok with Shorts. In the midst of all this, the TikTok algorithm must also constantly adapt and favor value-added content.

In this article, we explain the TikTok algorithm and 7 tips to use it to your advantage to gain visibility and popularity.

How the TikTok Algorithm Works

The TikTok algorithm works by analyzing user interactions with content to personalize the For You page. It considers factors like watch time, engagement, video information, and device settings to suggest videos.

The TikTok algorithm prioritizes content based on several factors, including:

  1. User Interactions: It considers the videos you like, share, and comment on, as well as accounts you follow and engage with.
  2. Video Information: It looks at details like captions, sounds, and hashtags to understand the content of the video.
  3. Watch Time: The algorithm considers how long you watch a video before scrolling to the next one.
  4. Device and Account Settings: It takes into account your language preference, country setting, and device type to tailor the content.
  5. Engagement Signals: It looks at how many times a video is viewed, liked, shared, and commented on to determine its popularity.
  6. Behavioral Data: It analyzes your behavior on the app, such as how often you open the app and how long you spend on it.schedule a TikTok video

7 Ways to Please the TikTok Algorithm

1. Engage your audience from the first seconds

The attention of viewers is particularly volatile on TikTok. It is estimated to be around 3 seconds, which is very little. You have to be very impactful as soon as you open content to avoid being quickly swiped. Concretely, don’t hesitate to shorten your videos and get straight to the point, or even to bluff the user from the start.

Think, for example, of broadcasting a micro teasing in the pre-roll of your video so that the user may want to read it entirely. You must do the hook in the first 3 seconds.

2. Add an attractive caption to your TikTok videos

TikTok beats tweets when it comes to short captions. So one thing is certain, you have to be convincing despite the imposed limit of 150 characters (hashtags included). An attractive caption also initially makes the user want to read. If the social network relies on a short content format, it will be the same for the captions accompanying them.

TikTok is a platform that is both creative and entertaining, where zapping is essential. Content creators will therefore have to bet everything on capturing their audience.

Asking a question is often one of the best ways to arouse this desire. The captions on your TikTok content will also allow the application itself to list them better. Whether for spectators or the internal network of the platform, it is, therefore, a feature you shouldn’t neglect.

3. Bet on the quality of your videos to pair with the TikTok algorithm

With videos that rival YouTube in terms of the number of views, TikTok’s algorithm considers video quality in its rating process. Therefore, you should master the basics of framing and video editing to emerge on the platform. Whenever you broadcast your videos in high definition (HD) as a minimum, you should prefer.

Also, make the most of the filters, stickers, and effects available on the app, allowing you to be showcased on TikTok.

4. Post when your TikTok audience is active.

While it might seem obvious to a social network, the TikTok algorithm is time-sensitive. Online user engagement tells the recommendation system whether to show a video or not. You should therefore use this parameter in its favor.TikTok app

To do this, opt for a  TikTok Pro account (it’s free) and then retrieve, via the “Subscriber Activity” tab, statistics concerning the connection hours of its subscribers. Thanks to the graphics offered, it will be very easy to see the most interesting broadcasting times to maximize the number of views of your TikTok videos.

5. Open up to other TikTokers

Leave comments and interact with the content of other TikTokers. It is common sense that will encourage them to do the same towards you and seek to know you better. It is a logic of reciprocity; when Person A does something good for Person B (in this case, leave comments), Person B feels the need to give it back (here, comment back).

Even if not everyone does this, especially people with very large communities such as influencers, it should not be a one-way street. You have to interact with relevant TikTok content, as you would like us to interact with yours.

Getting comments and shares on your videos will have a direct impact with the TikTok algorithm. It is therefore essential to use this cog.

6. Join the challenges on TikTok

The TikTok challenges listed most often under hashtags are all the rage. For any platform user, this is a good way to come up with new content ideas. Therefore, participating in these trends is a great way to increase your views and gain the favor of the TikTok algorithm.

Whether it’s a new dance step, a sporting achievement, or any video performance, there will always be room for experimentation on the platform. The TikTok algorithm will therefore be able to prioritize your content if you rely on this leverage.

7. Use trending sounds to boost your TikTok videos

The music world is also riding the wave of popularity on TikTok. This means that the creation of your videos with trendy sounds will be taken into account more by the TikTok algorithm. TikTok itself suggests its most used sounds at the time of editing, enough to find the right compromise between popular soundtrack and video content.

Sounds are also a way to capture your audience better if they are relevant, that they challenge, and that they enhance your video creations on the platform.


With these 7 ways to better please the TikTok algorithm, create videos that will better capture your audience while gaining visibility and influence on the platform of the moment.

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