YouTube Shorts: YouTube Competes With TikTok with YouTube Shorts Feature

YouTube is in the race to compete with TikTok with its short video format. Now you will have to rely on the new YouTube Shorts feature, which will allow you to create short videos of 60 seconds maximum, directly from your smartphone.

The creation of Shorts is quite simple and quick, and it encourages the use of the smartphone to create or view them. Google, which is behind YouTube, is legitimate in adopting this format. The flagship video hosting platform and second-largest search engine in the world has strong arguments to compete with TikTok in its chosen field.

We will now have to rely on YouTube’s Shorts in the race for a short video format. Let time tell us if SEO possibilities will strengthen the interest of the feature.

Introducing the YouTube Shorts feature

The YouTube Shorts feature will allow you to create and watch short videos from your smartphone. Discover in this video the presentation of the Shorts and what they can bring you. YouTube shows you how to create them and how to use them.

The deployment of YouTube Shorts

The first to benefit from the YouTube Shorts format as always are the United States, England, and a few South American countries, and it is now reaching over 100 countries. The beta version of the Shorts is therefore available for users in other countries to this day.

A format that should delight YouTube users, influencers, and community managers when promoting businesses on social networks.

Steps to create a YouTube Short

To access the Shorts from the YouTube mobile app:

  • Tap the + at the bottom.
  • Click on Create Short and allow access to your phone’s camera and microphone.

On the default screen, you will access the front or rear camera of your smartphone. You can add music, the speed of your film, the timer to start a countdown (3, 10 or 2 ° seconds), filters, and the duration in the lower part which allows you to go from 15 seconds by default to 60 seconds by clicking on the number.

Once your YouTube Short has been filmed, you can apply filters, add texts and music among those offered (for 15 seconds formats). By clicking on next, you will access the publication of your Short.

The last step will include selecting the audience for your video. You should consider age restrictions.

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