The Best Free Racing Games for Android

There is a wide range of racing games to play on your mobile device. There are many simple games that do not pose any challenge, and they are practically a quartermaster. We also found a good handful of arcade driving, motorcycle racing, car, and wagon titles that really pay off.

Here are 15 of the best free racing games for Android. Which one do you choose?


A crazy and unbridled racing arcade. The character design, each more colorful, is just great. It has several game modes and many challenges you will have to complete mounted on your motorcycle while making good use of your non-regulation weapon.

A very fun title with an excellent soundtrack that helps package one of the most remarkable arcade experiences for Android devices in recent times.


Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Extreme is a rally game developed by Gameloft. Yes, they are the same as Asphalt 8, a racing game for mobiles that already got quite a bit of recognition in its day.

With Xtreme, they have improved in everything: multiplayer races, more than 400 events, and 50 cars from which we can choose between monster trucks, buggies, pickups, and even trucks.

It is a freemium game with over 10 million downloads and a 4.2-star rating on Google Play.


Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour had the honor of boasting the most successful launch in mobile gaming history (until Call of Duty Mobile came out and stole its title). In any case, as with Super Mario Run, Nintendo has managed to provide this Mario Kart Tour with graphics to match, brand of the house, and simple but addictive gameplay.

At the playable level, it is more limited than the versions of Mario Kart for video consoles, although it makes it feel like a game of the franchise at all levels, which is quite positive. It has many circuits and characters that we can unlock, and since 2020 it also offers a multiplayer mode. It has a lot of microtransactions, but otherwise a most enjoyable game.



A game that stands out for its successful visual aesthetics and its simple but highly polished graphics. Inspired by the road movies of the 70s, #DRIVE is an endless runner or infinite race game, where you will go through procedurally generated roads and cities while you flee from the police and collect bottle caps you use to unlock new cars.

The concept is very basic, but the truth is that it exudes a truly unique personality. Without a doubt, the developers hit the right key. A good racing game for mobile.

Real Racing 3

One of the most popular mobile racing simulators of all time. Developed by Electronic Arts, it has more than 100 million downloads, and although it has been on the market since 2013, it continues to be one of the best free-to-play in the genre.

It offers numerous game modes: time trial, standard races, and even multiplayer. To this day, it continues to receive updates, adding new cars and events.



Beach Buggy Racing

A game clearly inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Kart, although this Beach Buggy Racing has more downloads and better ratings by Android users. 6 game modes and 15 tracks full of weapons, power-ups, and improvements to tune our kart. As a curiosity, it also has a multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 people to play simultaneously on a split-screen.

A very fun craze with a 4.5-star rating on Google Play and over 50 million downloads. If you don’t like Nintendo’s proposal and its Mario Kart Tour, take a look at this title.



CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is what is known as a drag racer. A game in which we must improve our car little by little, personalizing it and constantly setting new goals. It has a campaign mode and an online mode, and its graphics are the best that we can see today in mobile driving games.

It has cars from brands such as Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, or Lamborghini and references to the Fast and Furious movies (more specifically, The Fate of the Furious). A freemium game with over 10 million downloads and a towering 4.7-star rating.



Need for Speed: No limits

This is not the only Need for Speed ​​game for Android, but it is the most popular. A free title with in-game payments that you can evade by overcoming challenges and putting an end to the game day by day. Good graphics and gameplay that will require your best movements behind the wheel in the most demanding moments.



Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft is the king of racing games for Android. Asphalt 9 is a track-breaker with over 50 million downloads that ditches realism in favor of straightforward fun.

It presents very polished graphics, with several game modes, including online. As you progress, you can unlock new tracks, cars and get improvements. A modern classic within the genre of arcade racing games for Android.


Grand Prix Story 2

A fun simulator or “management RPG” with cartoon-style developed by the Japanese Kairosoft. In this game, you will be the managers of a racing team, where you have to train your drivers, look for sponsors and get parts for your cars.

A much lighter title than MotorSport Manager, but as much or more fun for fans of this type of game.



Horizon Chase – World Tour

A racing game inspired by arcade classics from the 80s like Outrun or Rush, but with an updated aesthetic. You will have to fight to get the first position in each of the 73 circuits that this Horizon Chase consists of. All this while you try to get hold of each of the 16 cars offered by this interesting title.



Thumb Drift

A simple racing game that you can play with just one hand. With less realistic graphics than most titles on this list, Thumb Drift is presented with an attractive amusement for those moments when all we are looking for is a quick game. It has more than 100 vehicles that you can unlock by paying or by overcoming challenges within the game.


Racing Fever

A racing game that is not as heavy as others of the same suit but maintaining polished graphics that scratch at a very good level. It has curious details, such as the possibility of activating the “slow-motion” mode to take the curves better.

It has 4 game environments, with 4 different types of races, leaderboard, improvements, online mode, and more. An arcade that is worth trying.


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