The Best Digital Tools for Your Business

The Covid-19 crisis has greatly accelerated the great digital transformation within companies. Thus, the consideration of digital tools no longer appears today as an option, but as a real necessity.

Optimizing costs, improving communication, facilitating collaboration: how to put these solutions at the service of your company? We look at it in detail.

Digital tools to improve internal communication

When talking about digital tools, making communication more fluid within its structure often appears as the first subject discussed.

Monitoring, reporting, and control

Over the past two years, many organizations have carried out major work to adjust and improve internal exchange processes.

SlackDiscord, and many others: with the advent of teleworking, collaboration platforms have become essential within companies of all sizes.

Here, they will mainly allow to:

  • Prioritize remote information
  • Allocate specific tasks, depending on the collaborators
  • Empower employees
  • Take advantage of remote reporting, viewable in real time

Added to this, of course, are email solutions – Gmail in the lead – allowing for more widespread communication on macroscopic subjects.

Task management and ease

Regarding task management, the digital tools available revolve around a common objective: saving time.

For the rest, the selection of your digital tools must obviously be conditioned by your needs.

A digital tool like Trello will allow you, for example, to take advantage of a real Todo List remotely. A solution that you can share with all your employees while managing governance and accessibility options.

Others, like Google Calendar, will allow you to organize events within a calendar, to add videoconferences if necessary.

Task management software thus includes a wide range of services, ranging from standard time tracking systems to analysis functions.

Most of the project management software here is cloud-based (web-based solution), which allows you to collaborate with people in different locations, thus meeting the requirements of working from home.

It should be noted, however, that different project management software have several types of features. When deciding which software to buy, you should therefore consider the tasks that your organization is responsible conferencing tools

Video conferencing tools

If we have already briefly touched on the matter, it is advisable to focus on videoconferencing solutions.

The latter, brought to the pinnacle during the last health crisis – as evidenced by the incredible rise of Zoom on the stock market – have become essential tools for any company.

TeamsMeetZoom: regardless of the medium, videoconferencing tools allow you to create remote meetings in just a few clicks, but also facilitate contact with your customers and other prospects.

Thus, many infographics on digital tools are now available online. Ranked according to the needs of each company, they will allow you to benefit from an overview of all the available proposals, free and paid.

Digital tools to communicate with your customers

We can define the awareness of your brand as the degree of recognition of your market for your company.

The brand exhibition

So, it can range from the need to anchor your name in the minds of your customers, to clearly exposing what differentiates you from your competitors.

But then, why should you implement digital tools to increase brand awareness? On this subject, the answer is clear: it is essential today for the success of any company to have a strong and reputable brand on the web. After all, how can you expect to grow your customer base and revenue if your target audience doesn’t know your brand?

In the age of social media, visual marketing is essential to building a brand. If communication media like Instagram or LinkedIn have now become standard, the quality of your content (visual, UX, etc.) is all the more important.

That’s why apps like Canva can come in handy. This web-based solution notably offers a series of templates for creating different types of media, such as:

  • photos for social media,
  • status updates,
  • other visual elements.

Market expansion

We’ve talked about how email and social media can help with your marketing initiatives, but expanding your market requires something more.

Indeed, digital marketing is also about using inventive technologies that give your business a head start in lead generation.

Let’s take the example of websites: an essential tool for exposing your brand on the web, it also appears to be a great source of information, provided it is associated with the right tool.

If you want to track your site traffic, internal links, and the regions from which Internet users access your site, a solution like Google Analytics will allow you to analyze all of your prospects and quantify the impact of your communication campaigns with this or that audience.


More than support, digital tools also offer you precise, efficient analysis solutions allowing you to allocate and optimize your budget accordingly.

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