The Advantages of Using a Micro Surveillance Camera

In recent years, installing a surveillance camera has become common, whether in businesses or domestic homes. Why the interest in this device? We will outline the subject in the following lines.

Micro surveillance cameras: ingenious and economical

The installation of one or more surveillance cameras is a major asset to protect a place or a person. It is a device that makes it possible to avoid theft, vandalism, or burglaries. You can install these devices in your home or your room. They can be used in conjunction with security systems.

A surveillance camera to limit theft

Do you have a concern about your turnover because you are the victim of theft within your store? Use a surveillance camera. It does not limit these harms to 100% but greatly reduces them. The sight of this device makes thugs think twice before acting. Indeed a surveillance camera has a deterrent effect on thieves.

What kind of camera for your home or store?

It is important to know what you need. Once you have answered these questions, you will choose a camera that meets these criteria.

-The installation of the camera will be done indoors or outdoors?

-Do you want to see everything going on in your house at all times?

-Do you want to have a visible or discreet camera?

A micro camera placed outdoors must be waterproof and resistant to seasonal changes. It must have effective protection against heat, rain, snow, or wind. If you choose a camera for the interior of your house or your room, you can opt for a Wifi or IP camera with which you will be able to connect remotely and view everything that is happening at home while you are away.

A camera with a motion detector activated by capturing a gesture in front of its lens sends you an alert directly on your mobile or tablet. Recording can be started if needed. You can also choose a mini camera that you can install discreetly in the corner of a cabinet. An IP camera provides quality images; the images have a maximum resolution of 704 x 480 pixels.

A camera for surveillance missions

You can also choose gadgets that have a micro camera during your secret missions. These objects will allow you to monitor people and watch for their every move so as not to arouse suspicion. To name just a few examples: a pen, a power bank, sunglasses with micro cameras will allow you to be well equipped and carry out your missions.

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