The 10 Best Audio Editors for Android

Most Android phones and tablets come with a pre-installed sound recorder. You can record sounds, a conversation, or a song simply with the device’s microphone. But what if you want to cut an MP3 into smaller pieces, change the audio format, or add sound effects? In that case, you will need a good audio editor. This is a type of tool that does not usually come factory installed, unlike sound recorders. Next, we review some of the best audio editors for Android devices.

The 10 best audio editors for Android

The first thing we have to get into our heads is that mobile sound editing applications are not as advanced as those we can find on PC (although some of them are quite close). However, they are complete enough that you can perform simple tasks – and some a little more complex – without too many complications.

Super Sound

Currently, Super Sound is the best-rated sound editor by the Android community, with 4.8 stars and more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store. This app presents a main menu where you can do almost anything. This includes cutting audio, editing it, merging two tracks into one, equalizing or amplifying the volume.

It also has some interesting functions related to the musical field. They include the possibility of eliminating the voice of a song, changing the tone, or changing the voice (male, female, elderly voice, robot). It also incorporates more than 2,000 royalty-free songs that you can download and use in your sound creations.

WaveEditorWavEditor best audio editors for Android

The closest thing YOU can find to a professional audio editor for Android. Its great virtue is that it has a multitrack editor and mixer, from where you can record in WAV or MP3 format. If you are looking for an editor that supports practically any audio format, you should take a look (it is compatible with 3gp, aac, aif, aiff, aifc, amr, alac, au, caf, htk, flac, iff,mat4, m4a, mat5, mp4, mp3, ogg, pcm, paf, pvf, raw, sf, sd2, svx, snd, voc, w64, wav, xi).

It allows exporting in aiff, flac, ogg, mp3, pcm, or wav formats. This app also has several visual tools such as the oscilloscope, FFT, and a spectrogram.


Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

Dolby On is an application that works as a recorder and as a sound editor. Developed by Dolby Laboratories, it allows you to record high-quality lossless audio and includes features such as noise reduction, Dynamic EQ (dynamic equalizer), and Spatial Audio (three-dimensional audio).

The tool has several predefined presets depending on the type of audio you want to edit (lyrical, natural, deep, rhythmic, amplified, and standard) and with adjustable intensity filters. An interesting detail is that you can connect the app with your Twitch or Soundcloud account and publish your creation directly without intermediaries.


Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

If you are thinking of creating and recording songs from an Android device, you will surely be interested in looking at this app. Audio Evolution is compatible with external audio devices via USB and MIDI interfaces. It features virtual instruments, drum pattern editing, audio loops, real-time effects, and even a virtual analog synthesizer.

This is a premium tool priced at $8.99, although it also has a trial version with some limitations that can help us decide before buying the pro version.


Lexis Audio Editor

One of the best audio editors for Android right now. It has a fairly professional interface. You can see the audio tracks in a timeline and volume, with the possibility of mixing two files, cutting them, pasting them, and retouching them to your liking.

It includes a good number of features with which you can change the tempo, speed, tone, reduce the noise of the recording or compress audio easily. The free version of Lexis has the same features as the paid version, including saving in wav, m4a, aac, flac, and wma formats. However, saving to mp3 is only available in the premium version.



AudioLab is another of the most prominent audio editors on Android. Considered by Google as worthy of entering its Google Play Pass (subscription service that gives you full access and without ads to a select set of apps from the Play Store), AudioLab presents one of the most elegant and professional designs you can find today for an audio editor.

Its clear and direct interface but full of functionalities help to navigate through a complete audio editor. You can cut, copy and paste, mix with 4 audio tracks, add voice effects, eliminate ambient noise and even remove the voice of a song to be able to do karaoke. It also has a text-to-speech utility and an 18-band equalizer. There are quite a few similar apps, but few do it as well as AudioLab.


Doorbell (Timbre)

Timbre is like a multipurpose Swiss army knife. The same is also used to cut an audio file to join two tracks, divide, skip, change the format or modify the bitrate of a recording.

One of the most interesting details is that it allows you to work with audio tracks and video files, and it has a very pleasant interface.


Music Editor

This audio editor has basic functions. You can trim audio, merge several files into one, convert between several formats (AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, etc.), adjust the volume of the music, reverse the playback, and more.

The application also works as an audio compressor. It also allows you to mix two tracks into one and even edit the metadata of a song.


MP3 CutterMp3 Cutter app

Utility focused on cutting and merging audio files. Supports a multitude of formats (MP3, WAV, ACC, WMA, FLAC, M4A, OPUS, AC3, AIFF, OGG). It also allows you to remove specific parts of an audio, modify the quality of the export, adjust the volume, add silences or fades, among other functions.

An application that is great to edit recordings with your mobile and upload them to the internet or share them comfortably. One of the best rated in its field with 4.6 stars on Google Play and more than 10 million downloads behind it.



A sound editor with everything you can expect from a tool of this type. A good interface, a good pack of functionalities (cut, copy, mix, mute, change the tempo, tone, etc.) with which you can extract the audio from a video in MP3 and play with different formats thanks to a complete file converter.

The application supports many formats (MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, and others) and bitrate rates (32 Kbps, 64 Kbps, 128 kbps, 192 Kbps, etc.), which is perfect to get the audio track that best suits our needs.

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