Spotify ADS: How to Advertise on Spotify

When we talk about online advertising, we often don’t think of Spotify, or rather, Spotify ADS. This is because the platform has always been known to the world simply as a “place” to stream music, whether you have a free or premium account.

However, for the few who do not know, Spotify is a service that has always been based on advertising. In fact, between one stream and another, if you do not have a paid account, it is customary for the user to watch or listen to specific commercials. And those commercials, if done right, can still help you grow visibility with your company.

Let’s see how.

Spotify ADS: let’s start with the numbers

To convince you to invest in an advertisement on Spotify, let’s see a few numbers that the platform has had since its launch back in 2006. At the moment, the audio streaming subscription service has over 365 million active users. Of these, there are approximately 165 million Premium accounts, that is, accounts that do not use advertising.

It goes without saying that there is a remaining large slice of users who every day or almost listen to or watch multiple commercials between one song and another. From advertising investments alone, Spotify earned over $142 million in 2018, mainly from the United States.

In short, dizzying numbers that cannot fail to push you to do marketing with this platform!Spotify Ads

What kind of advertising do you do on Spotify?

Spotify allows you to produce 3 types of advertising:

  • Video: In this case, you can choose between two options. The first, “Sponsored Sessions, “offers users a ” Freemium ” listening experience. It means that, after watching a commercial, 30 minutes of listening are offered without commercial interruptions. The second possibility is called Video Takeover, and is a commercial that airs between the end of one song and the beginning of another;
  • Audio: It is a single audio announcement that is heard between each piece. Usually, there is also a display image to click on if interested;
  • Display: these are clickable advertising banners present in the desktop and app versions.

Spotify ADS: how to make a commercial?

In the beginning, creating a commercial for Spotify required exorbitant budgets. This is why the platform decided to implement a separate portal, accessible for SMEs and start-ups. It is Spotify AD Studio. It allows you to create audio and video commercials in a simple and accessible interface, even for fewer geeks.

But what can you do with this platform? Spotify AD Studio allows you to create advertising videos of up to 30 seconds while also providing you with Voiceover functionality, i.e., a preset out-of-range voice that will record audio for you. You can choose the target based on the type of music your target audience is listening to, and you will have a dashboard with all the metrics to evaluate. Which? You can check, for example, the ad coverage, frequency, click-through rates, etc …

The success of a commercial created with Spotify AD Studio cannot be 100% guaranteed. However, it is an excellent platform to test your commercials and become familiar with the site and its advertisements.

For this reason, we cannot fail to advise you to test its features, to “ make yourself seen ” as a company, even on Spotify!

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