Shopware 6 Advantages: Everything You Should Know

Shopware 6 is a modern online shop system. If you are active in e-commerce or want to become one, then this software has a lot to offer you in both the B2C and B2B areas. The e-commerce market has been booming since the turn of the millennium. 

If you want to benefit from this growth, you need a suitable online shop system. Read on to learn how Shopware 6 can help you with this.

Easy management and navigation

Online shops are complex systems, so easy handling on the part of the operator is all the more important. Shopware gives you a management system that is easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can adjust settings and keep an eye on all the important functions of your shop.

Customized shop design

The Shopware software gives you the opportunity to graphically design your shop individually. Create landing pages, shop pages, and category layouts and manage them centrally. Under the “Worlds of Experience” menu item, you can create layouts by dragging and dropping individual sections, blocks, and elements (such as text and images). According to your own taste!

As a result, your digital shop shines in the corporate design of your brand. This is what customers remember and creates trust.

Numerous plugins for Shopware 6

A big advantage of the shop software is the large number of Shopware 6 plugins. According to the developer, there are over 3500 extensions available. In addition to paid additional programs, there are numerous free extensions for your shop. This allows you to specifically adapt Shopware.

Instead of buying a pig in a poke and spending money on features that you might not even need, you can invest in individual functions.

Elasticsearch for Shopware 6, for example, offers you a search engine with an enormous range of functions. Compete with Google in your shop and offer your customers the best possible search results. You coordinate various details and receive an individual search algorithm from which you can also exclude products, for example.

Thanks to the high speed of the search plugin and the error-tolerant suggestion function, you offer your web shop users a high level of convenience. By doing so, you turn a buying interest into a buying action.

Another plugin that will make your webshop more attractive to visitors is the AJAX shopping cart. This means that the shopping cart summary, shipping costs, and total price are always visible.

If you want to increase the visibility of product images, the Detail Page Slider plugin is the right solution. For a particularly modern look in your shop, you can use a product video with a preview image, which you can easily embed in your product list using an extension.

SEO content in the listing is the right choice as a plugin if you want to optimize your shop for search engines.

You are spoiled for choice with the Shopware 6 extensions, but there is always a solution to your problem at hand. the advantages of Shopware 6

State-of-the-art technological standard

Technological standards such as Symfony, Vue.js, and Twig ensure that Shopware 6 stays up to date. Many developers, therefore, decide to work on extensions for the online shop system. This is a great advantage for you as a shop owner.

Marketing Integration

It is not enough to simply open a digital shop on the Internet. The competition is fierce and you need to do some marketing to grab shoppers’ attention. Shopware 6 does justice to this circumstance since central control of the social media channels was also taken into account.

Use the integrated blog system to offer your customers up-to-date content.

This creates added value for your shop audience and leads to a higher search engine ranking. In the top positions of their search results, these primarily list websites that offer up-to-date content with added value for the user.

If your online shop only consists of generic product information, no potential buyer or visitor will stay on your site for long. This in turn has an immediate effect on the ranking of your shop on Google, Bing, and Co.

Inexpensive and safe

In a direct comparison with other paid online shop systems such as Magento 2, Shopware 6 shines with lower costs. Shopware is based in Germany and provides the necessary security with regular updates, while the API-First approach leads to maximum flexibility.

If you choose Shopware 6, you can also benefit from competent support. Comprehensive customer service is of the utmost importance, especially in the case of technical problems that require a quick solution.

If it is a bug in the online shop, then time is money in the truest sense of the word.

Shopware 6 for a modern, unique shopping experience

If you are planning to start your own online shop or would like to give your existing shop a makeover, then Shopware is a good choice. The advantages of Shopware 6 speak for themselves and can hardly be surpassed in combination.

With this online shop system, you offer your products at a standard that is expected by potential customers today.

Do I need technical knowledge to use Shopware 6?

Thanks to the clear management system and rule builder, operators of e-commerce platforms can handle their business processes using Shopware 6 without any coding knowledge.

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