Samsung Integrates S Pen Into Galaxy Z Fold 4

The Galaxy Z Fold 4, which will be released in the second half of the year, will have an S Pen slot. Thus, it will be the first foldable phone that has a place to store the stylus.

As you know, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 also supports the S Pen, but the user must buy and store it separately. A similar story happened with a pair of flagships Galaxy S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra. The first became a “pioneer”, and the second got a “pen” along with a cell for attaching it. Perhaps Samsung has decided to add the hallmark of the defunct Note series to all its high-end smartphone lines.

The Korean company has high hopes that the S Pen will be an important part of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The stylus will make the most of the huge 7.56-inch screen (according to rumors). By the way, the size of the external display is a little more modest – 6.19 inches. Apparently, Samsung has decided not to experiment with the design of a flexible smartphone and focused on improving its functionality.Samsung S Pen

Design Changes to Accommodate S Pen

The inclusion of an S Pen slot on the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s form factor would require major changes to the design of the phone. The thickness of the pen is approximately equal to the thickness of the body of the device. This means that one or both halves of the “clamshell” should become more overall. Users who carry the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in their pocket will probably not be happy with such an undertaking.

In addition, another logical question arises: how will the internal space of the smartphone be optimized? After all, the S Pen cell will take the place that was previously reserved for other components and parts. Samsung is going to solve this problem by reducing the physical dimensions of the battery. And this means that its capacity will also decrease!

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