Only You: How Does this Spotify Feature Work?

Since its launch, Spotify has become one of the most popular streaming music platforms. Its wide catalog of artists and the possibility of using it either for free or under subscription have allowed it to have millions of users worldwide. With time, new functions have been incorporated, such as Only You.

What does Only You bring to Spotify?

Some time ago, the developers of this Swedish streaming platform incorporated the “Wrapped” or compilations of the songs and artists that you have listened to the most during the last year. These have been very well received by users, who are eagerly awaiting the new year’s arrival to see what these Spotify playlists hold for them.

Following in their wake and getting closer to the social media format, Only You has now incorporated a new personalized experience with the tastes of each of the users. Where in stories format, you can see what your favorite musical tastes, artists, or albums have been upto during the last six months.Only You on Spotify

Access Personalized Slides With Only You

By clicking on Only You, you access seven totally personalized slides, in which you will find which have been the most disparate artists among those you have listened to the most. Other slides reflect the years of release of the songs you play the most in your Spotify account. Followed by the reminder of your habits for which you can stand out, such as music reproduction by a certain artist or song.

It also allows you to interact and add more information to your personalized stories, choosing among the options that it presents with whom you would like to share a dinner. For this, it shows you several options of your favorite artists, among which you must choose three of them. In this way, you can add to your library a selection of the best songs by the selected artists.

Share Results

Finally, you have the possibility to share with whom you want the result of your Only You. There are as many as Spotify users because they have different tastes or ways of listening to their favorite music. This is the only way we have to make these stories public. On the contrary, if you don’t want to show them to your friends, they will remain visible only to you. This function is based not only on the number of times you listen to a song or an artist’s work but also on your habits and the way you enjoy your favorite music. And that way, you can make a direct and personal reference about how, when, and how much you have repeated listening to a song.

In addition, you can create playlists from these slides, having the power to edit their content if it is not entirely to your liking, adding or deleting songs you think or are not appropriate for a playlist. It can indeed become curious since sometimes you are not aware of what you hear and the number of times you have played it.

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