How to Share An Amazon Prime Video Account

Sharing accounts on streaming platforms has become a fairly common practice among friends and family. Services such as Netflix and many others allow content to be played simultaneously on more than one device, just like Prime Video. But in the case of the latter, there are certain peculiarities, depending on our country of origin. Can we then share our Amazon Prime Video account with other people and save a few dollars on the subscription? Then we clarify all the doubts!

Can Prime Video accounts be shared?

Some companies like Netflix are quite open in this regard and even offer the possibility of creating different profiles within the application. Regarding Prime Video, the system allows simultaneous playback on up to 3 devices.

Of course, the conditions of use change depending on where you reside. If you are an Amazon Prime user in the US, you can use Amazon Household, a feature that allows you to create a family account with several users to share all the benefits of Prime: free shipping, Prime Video, and other extras, among several people.

In other countries, things change. Here Household is not available, which means that if you want to share your Prime subscription by giving away your access codes, it is strictly prohibited by Amazon.

How to Share a Prime Video Account with Amazon Household

With Amazon Household, you can add up to 4 child profiles, 4 teen profiles, and an additional adult profile.

  • To send an invitation to someone else, the first thing you have to do is access Amazon Household in your Amazon account.Amazon account
  • Select the type of invitation (Adult, child, or adolescent) by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • Indicate the name and email address of the person you want to invite, and select ” Continue “.
  • Next, Amazon will ask you to share your wallet to confirm that it is a trusted or family video

Once the invitation is sent, the recipient will have 14 days to accept it. In this way, your Amazon account will enjoy the benefits of a Prime account, such as access to Prime Video series and movies (and other associated services such as Prime delivery, Twitch Prime, Amazon Photos, etc.).

Note: Only “Adult” and “Teen” profiles can access Prime Video services. In the case of teenagers, they can also make supervised purchases (requires parental authorization to confirm the transaction).

How to share a Prime Video account in other countries

As we mentioned at the beginning, Amazon Household is not available in other countries. However, Prime Video allows simultaneous playback on a maximum of 3 devices. This means that in theory, you could share expenses with up to 3 people. All this without a limit on the number of devices to register, which is not bad either.

Unfortunately, you always have to log in with the same account. This could mean sharing your own Prime Video login details. Considering that it is the same username and password of your Amazon account, you would also be giving free access to those people, at any given time, to make purchases on your behalf, change the shipping address, and other niceties like that. A whole leap into the void! In short, very not recommended.

Obviously, if you are thinking of saving expenses, it is essential to deal only with family members or people of the highest confidence. In addition, since it is an unauthorized practice by Amazon, you also risk receiving some sanction from the company if they detect you. Therefore, this activity may carry some risk.

And what does Amazon think of all this?

If you go to the General Conditions of Amazon Prime, you see that the company clearly expresses:

«3.7. Prohibition of assignment or transmission of the subscription or any advantages associated with it:

You may not transfer or assign your Amazon Prime subscription to third parties or any of its associated benefits, including any promotional codes for Amazon Prime subscription or benefits associated with them unless expressly provided in this regard in the Conditions. «

Therefore, the conditions of use that we accept when we sign up as subscribers to the service leave no room for doubt. It is a prohibited practice. The only way to share the benefits of a Prime account is through Amazon Household.

The best you can do is to wait for the implementation of Amazon Household in your region.

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