How to Unlock Samsung Smartphone Without Losing Data?

Smartphones contain a lot of personal data. This is why most users secure them with facial recognition, fingerprint coupled with a code, password, or even a lock pattern.

When you regularly enter the same password, it becomes automatic. However, when you change it, you may not remember it. Often, the only solution to unlock a device like a Samsung is to reset the smartphone completely.

However, we have solutions to explain how to unlock a Samsung smartphone without losing your data.

Unlock your Samsung without losing your data using a Google account

Note that there was a solution provided by Google (and Android). If your Samsung is still running Android 4.4 or earlier, you may be able to unlock it using your Google account.

Follow these few steps:

  • Try to enter your unlock code several times;
  • Confirm Forgotten password or Unlock via Google when this button appears (after at least 5 attempts);
  • Enter your Google credentials, the same account your Android is linked to;
  • Then validate Connect or Connect.

You should have unlocked your Samsung without losing your data using your Google account and thus have normal access to your smartphone.

Unlock Your Smartphone Using Mobile Tracker

If your Android version is higher than v4.4, you will need to use other tools to unlock your Samsung without losing its data. We will introduce you to mobile tracking, also called find my mobile. It is a service set up by Samsung. The manufacturer has officially planned a service in this direction, and it is certainly the simpler method.

This service has 2 main functions: locate your Samsung and unlock it if you lose your code, password, or lock pattern.

For this, you will need to log into the Findmymobile service site (see below) with the same Samsung account as your locked smartphone or tablet. However, you must have previously enabled remote control on your account for the process to work.

  • Go to this site:
  • Connect;
  • Select the device that is blocked if multiple Samsung devices are registered;
  • Click Unlock 

Do you know Smart Lock? With this feature, you can configure your Samsung to be unlocked when it is in a location you feel is trusted or a trusted device is nearby.

Concretely, if Smart Lock has been configured with your connected watch (compatible), your connected smartphone or tablet will unlock when your watch is nearby.

Unlock Samsung without data loss using Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

Among the tools that make your life with your smartphones and tablets easier, there is one to remove the lock screen. Whether you are using fingerprint, passcode, password, or even pattern lock, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android can remove it.

This only removes the lock screen, thus keeping all your data. You can then reactivate it with a locking means that you will retain while securing it. So you know that even if you forget it, you still have a solution.

We explain how to unlock your Samsung without losing data and quickly:

  • Download, install and open 4uKey for Android on your Windows PC or Mac;
  • Plug your Android into this computer and keep it plugged in during the whole process;
  • Click on Remove Lock Screen;

From there, you can have 2 scenarios. Either you have an older Samsung model or a newer model.

To unlock old Samsung models without losing data: You can find supported models on the Tenorshare website )

  • Select Remove screen lock without data loss ;
  • Click on Start ;
  • Fill in the requested information about your device; namely its name and model;
  • Validate with Next ;
  • Check that the information is correct and click Confirm (or Cancel to edit the information);
  • Wait while the package downloads, then click Next ;
  • Put your Samsung device into download mode by following the on-screen instructions or below:
    • Simultaneously press On / Off + Home + Volume – ,
    • Release everything when the warning screen appears,
    • Hold Volume + and keep pressed until your device is in download mode;
  • Once it’s done, click on Start ;
  • Wait for the unlocking process. It may take a few minutes.

Your Samsung is now ready to be unlocked without a code or other means.

For most Android devices (newer models):

  • Select Remove screen lock ;
  • Click on Start ;
  • Confirm your wish to remove the lock screen by clicking on Yes ;
  • Wait for the deletion;
  • Depending on your device, click on Phone with Home button or Phone without Home button ;
  • Follow the displayed steps to put your Android device into recovery mode, also called recovery mode;
  • Click Next once your Samsung is in recovery mode;
  • As indicated on the screen, go to the line Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume + or Volume- buttons and validate with the power button ;
  • Continue with Yes following the same reasoning;
  • Go to wipe cache partition > Yes ;
  • Reboot your device with reboot system now.

Wait a few minutes for 4uKey for Android to unlock your Samsung’s lock screen without losing its data.

You can now use your Samsung. However, it is strongly recommended that you re-enable a locking method. If you want to delete the google account on your Samsung, 4uKey for Android can also help you!

Conclusion on Unlocking Samsung Without Data Loss

Naturally, a Samsung, like almost any Android device, is unlocked with facial recognition or the fingerprint secured by a passcode, password, or lock pattern. It secures your data, but when you forget it, it gets complicated.

The Google account can help you if you have an older version of Android (4.4 or lower). The Smart Lock remains practical, provided you have at least one 2 e compatible device. Mobile tracker is also effective if you have thought about activating an option before blocking your Samsung.

Without a tool like 4uKey for Android to unlock a Samsung without losing data, you will have no choice but to reset it to factory settings.

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