How to Delete the Google FRP Account on a Samsung Smartphone?

Between office documents, photos, videos, and the many applications and files it contains, the smartphone has really become an extension of our life! A device that we do not want to lose or see end up in the hands of anyone. However, it is important that it keeps your private data and content safe. On Android devices, there is a security system called FRP while for iPhone it is the iCloud activation lock. In order to bypass this security, a radical method is needed: delete the Google account from the Samsung device or, more generally, from Android. 

What does FRP mean?

Let’s start by explaining what this acronym stands for. FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. It is a security system to keep your information safe. You don’t have to do anything for this feature to activate. You just need to configure your Google account, and it will automatically activate on standby. Most smartphones running Android 5.1 are compatible with this feature.

On a daily basis, you won’t even see this dedicated security feature. However, if you or a third party were to reset your smartphone, this is where you will see its effectiveness. At this moment the screen will display: This device has been reset, to continue, log in with a Google account that has already been synchronized on this device. This will therefore make it unusable for a malicious person, and therefore less interesting to steal.

The goal is not to penalize the rightful owner, because the FRP will not block you if it is reset to factory values ​​with an original method. Especially if you want to sell it, for example.

The classic method involves you going through the device settings as follows:

Settings> General> Backup & Reset> Factory data reset> Reset phone.

There are (at least) 3 methods that activate the blocking:

  • Combination of buttons when the smartphone is switched off.
  • ADB commands.
  • Android Device Manager.

How to unblock a Google FRP account on Samsung?

Let’s see how to unblock a Google account on Samsung, in order to allow you to regain the use of your smartphone (if you lose the password for example). You should know that smartphones are ultra-secure today, especially because of the data they contain. This is why it is often necessary to have recourse to various manipulations, in order to regain its full use.

Just like Apple can’t turn off iCloud Activation Lock, Google can’t remove that infamous FRP. If the previous owner cannot unlock it for you, as part of a sale, or if you have completely forgotten your password, you will need to use a tool such as Tenorshare 4ukey for Android to unlock your smartphone.

Attention: This method only applies to Samsung phones.

Start by downloading the software, install it and open Tenorshare 4ukey for Android FYI, the software is only available on Windows).

  • Connect your Samsung Android smartphone to your PC.
  • Click Remove Google Account (FRP).
  • Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will send a notification to your Samsung device. Please do not disconnect your phone during the process.
  • Once you receive the notification, click on the “Show” option on your Samsung device and enter the following URL: in your browser.
  • Then download the “BypassFrp.apk” and you will go to the Settings page.
  • Click the “Next” button to continue. You will need to configure the screen unlock pattern by following the steps in the interface.
  • Press “Next” to go to the last 3 steps. After setting the unlock pattern, click “Done”.
  • Finally, you will need to restart your device and use the unlock pattern you just set to access your Samsung device.
  • Click OK to finish.

Flash your phone to delete the Google account on Samsung

As we raised previously, the FRP security system automatically configures itself with your Google account. This is very practical for securing your Android in the event of a forced reset, but nonetheless annoying if you forget your password.

So the only way to delete the Google account on a Samsung Android smartphone would be to flash it (up to several times if necessary). A method that we will not detail here, because flashing a phone is not initially used to delete a Google account. This allows you to make changes to your phone and in many cases install specific ROMs.

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