How to Fix Ghost Touch on Your iPhone Screen

Some iPhone users have long reported how their mobile phones move or perform actions on their own without user intervention. This is known as Ghost Touch or phantom keystrokes. Here are some tips to try to fix ghost touch on your iPhone screen before going to technical service.

Avoid ghost touch on your iPhone

A problem that we encounter on rare occasions but that can be very annoying. This mainly affects the iPhone X screens. In 2018, Apple encountered some problems that affected the touch of these models. Although it is not exclusive to these since other models both before and after these can be affected. So if these arise, you have several ways to solve it for free before going to technical service.

Clean or Replace Your Screen Protector

We often use screen protectors to protect our screens from bumps and scratches, but these can be the source of these failures. If you have not installed them correctly, it is damaged or in doing so we have trapped specks of dust and dirt that can activate the screen.

To check if it is interfering with use, the first thing is to remove the protector and clean it carefully. Once you have verified that this was the problem, you can replace a new one being very careful. In addition to protectors, rigid protective covers can be the probable cause of these ghost touches. Bumps and falls can cause them to misalign with the screens and activate them automatically.

Clean the Screen

One of the main causes can be dirt on the screen. The debris and dust attached to the high sensitivity of the touch screens can cause such problems. To thoroughly clean the screen, the first thing to do is unplug all cables and turn off the phone. Next, you must clean the screen with the help of a cleanlint-free cloth, similar to the ones used to clean the lenses of glasses.

With the slightly moistened cloth, you must pass the screen firmly, but without exerting excessive pressure. Take special care not to transmit this humidity to the different connections and openings of the housing.

Restart Your Device

If the above causes are not the source of the problem, you can carry out other actions such as restarting the device, holding down the power button to then press the off button. After a few minutes, turn on the device again. If it still persists, check if your phone is correctly updated. The problem may be caused by a software error, which you can solve in a new update.

Factory Reset to Fix Ghost Touch on Your iPhone

Although the most drastic way to try to fix ghost touch on your iPhone is by factory resetting. Before making this last attempt, you should make a backup of everything you want to keep. Then go to “settings“. Among the available options select “general“. In this menu, you will find the option “transfer or reset the iPhone.” Finally, press reset and follow the instructions of the wizard to complete the process. If this last resort does not work, there is no other option than to go to the technical service.

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