How to See Song Lyrics on Spotify

If you like to sing along while listening to music or just want to know what the artist is saying – it is often not easy to understand the singers. You will be pleased with the new Spotify function. You can now see song lyrics on Spotify in real time for the songs being played.

The new function on Spotify can do that

When playing a song, users can now call up the lyrics to it and follow it in real time – similar to karaoke. There is also a share button so that that allows you to share lyrics on Spotify with contacts and across different platforms. With this function, Spotify draws level with Apple Music, where the lyrics have been featured in a similar feature since 2019.

The new function should be available to most users worldwide with immediate effect – regardless of whether they have a premium or free account. This applies to iOS as well as Android. According to Spotify, the lyrics can be seen on most of the songs. For the lyrics function, Spotify works with Musixmatch, the company which also serves Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Here’s how to see song lyrics on Spotify

The new lyrics function is not only available to paying and non-paying users but is also available across all devices. There are real-time lyrics in the app, on the desktop, and in the Spotify TV app. And that is how it works:

  • In the app, play the song you want and swipe up from the bottom to see the lyrics.
  • After clicking the play button on the desktop, you only need to click a microphone icon again for the text to appear.
  • The following applies to the TV app: When playing, click the lyrics button in the right corner and switch on the function. Now Spotify will always show the lyrics of a song while it is playing.

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