How to Change Username on Spotify

While registering with Spotify, you used your real name as your username or maybe a name that you no longer like now, so you decided to change it, but you don’t know how? If the answer is yes, I’ll let you know right away that you’ve come across the right article. In the next paragraphs, I will explain in detail how to change your username on Spotify.

Changing your Spotify username can only be done via the app installed on your smartphone or tablet. From a PC, on the other hand, you can only associate the name of your Facebook account, connecting it to the Spotify account.

Change your username on Spotify

The procedure that allows you to change the username on Spotify is really very simple. Here is all you need to do:

  • Launch the Spotify app on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Press on the gear icon, present at the top right;
  • Touch the item “View profile,” then click on “Edit profile” ;
  • At this point, a screen with your profile photo will be displayed, and under a field with the current username, select and delete the current name and type the new one;
  • Press on the item “Save,” present at the top right.

As previously written, you cannot change the Spotify username from a PC, but you can change the current username with the one on your Facebook account. To do this, however, you will have to link the social network account to that of Spotify. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start the app installed on your PC;
  • Click on the arrow pointing down, present at the top right, next to your username;
  • Click on the item “Settings” ;
  • Scroll down the screen and locate the item “Facebook” ;
  • Click on the “Connect to Facebook” button.

After this procedure, if you decide to change your username again, you will need to use the app installed on your smartphone or tablet, following the steps shown above.

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