How to Save, Install and Load Photoshop Presets

Today, we talk about how to save, install and load presets for Photoshop.

A preset is a small file that sets a given list of settings. They can be quickly used to significantly change the picture. For example, with one touch:

  • sharpness rises;
  • color changes;
  • the balance is right.

Presets allow you to quickly process hundreds of shots. No need to unscrew the sliders on each individual photo. This is especially convenient for wedding professionals, marketers, designers, and those who have already found their corporate identity. You don’t have to set the same settings every time. 

Let’s take a step-by-step walk through each step of saving, loading, and installing presets in Photoshop. 

How presets are installed

Installation is carried out through the Adobe Camera Raw utility. But you don’t need to install anything, it’s already built into Photoshop. If you open any picture in RAW format, the module will be automatically activated. camera RAW filter

Next, you should enter the settings (“three dots”). Here you will find the item “Load settings”. load settings presets

When you have selected all the required presets, simply click on the “Open” button. Photoshop activates everything in a short period. 

How to save a preset

Have you tweaked the sliders, set the perfect color grading, and found the perfect balance? In this case, you can save the result so that later you can quickly apply successful settings to other photos. In order to do this, several steps must be taken. 

Sign in to Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop. Here, select all the selected adjustments and click on the “three dots” and click on “Save Settings”.save photoshop presets settings

After that, a list of all used settings will appear. You can remove what you don’t need. To do this, simply remove the appropriate checkboxes. For example, often presets do not require “Crop” and “Patches” (Spot Removal). It is not always necessary to crop pictures and hide certain defects. 

When saving, it is recommended to give the preset a unique and memorable name. The saved settings will appear in a separate menu. To open it, you need to click on the intersecting circles on the left side of the program window. 

How to load a preset

Do you want to share your settings with your friends or install what they sent you? Successful presets can even be sold for money on special services. In order to load the settings in Photoshop, you must first upload the file to a folder. Find the Settings directory in the folder where Photoshop is installed. If the file is in an archive, then it must be unpacked. 

After that, the loaded presets will be displayed in Camera Raw. Load and delete settings through the Settings folder. Some users do not have this directory. In this case, you need to enable the visibility of secret and hidden folders. 

You can also download presets through Adobe Bridge. This is an organizational program that replaces the file manager. To solve the problem, you need to select all the images to which the settings should be applied. Next, you need to select the “Develop module settings” menu through the right mouse button. Here, in the drop-down list, select the appropriate preset. It will be applied to the selected files.

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