How to Save an Email as a PDF in Gmail

There are ordinary emails, emails that make your day, and even emails that change your life forever. If you have an important email from Gmail that you want to keep in PDF format, whether it’s for backup, to attach to your resume, or to send to a client, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s easier than it sounds.

It is something like printing an email to use it offline, and both Windows and macOS have a virtual PDF printer to perform this type of task.

How to save a Gmail email as a PDF file

All web browsers have support for printing documents, so you can use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, or whatever your favorite browser is.

Simply enter Gmail and locate the email you want to save as a PDF. Open it, and then click on the drop-down button that you will see in the upper right margin of the email. There you will find the option to “Print.print Gmail email

You can also click on the printer icon right above the mail.

In the print settings window, open the “Destination” drop-down and select “Save as PDF.” From here, you can also make other adjustments, such as deciding the number of pages you want to email as PDF on Gmail

Finally, click on “Save.” A Windows Explorer window will automatically open where you can give the PDF document a name and choose the path where the file will be saved. Note: If you have an Apple macOS computer, a window with similar options will also open.

Once you have decided on the path and the name of the PDF, click on “Save” to finish the process.

Most browsers such as Chrome or Firefox have an integrated PDF viewer, so you can open the PDF document that you have just generated by simply dragging it to a browser tab.

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