How to Make a PDF File Uneditable in macOS Monterey

Like all previous versions of macOS, the new macOS Monterey also integrates features at the operating system level that allow you to create PDFs. You can open a PDF file with Preview and export it in a protected format. Do this by holding down Option on the File menu and choosing “Save as” (or the “Export” item from the File menu). As always, you can choose the “Encoding” option and choose a password. When you try to open it, a screen will appear asking for the password.

In the latest Apple macOS Monterey operating system, the PDF export function of the Preview app is more complete and integrates new functions. By selecting “Export” from the File menu, you can click on “Permissions” and specify the option for the password when opening. You can also activate/deactivate permissions for:

  • Printing, copying text or graphics to memory,
  • Inserting or deleting pages,
  • Adding annotations,
  • Filling in the fields of any forms.

Making a PDF File Uneditable on macOS Monterey

The permissions password on the new macOS Monterey makes it easier for you to make a PDF file uneditable. It also helps you restrict other activities on the same file.

If you set a permissions password (or master password) you will be prompted for a password to change the permission settings. The permissions password allows you to restrict printing, editing, and copying of PDF file contents. Recipients will not be prompted for a password to open the document in Reader, Acrobat, or Preview. However, they will need to enter a password if they want to change the restrictions set by the PDF creator.

If the PDF is protected with both types of passwords, you can open it with either type. However, you can change the restricted functions only after entering the authorization password. To ensure higher security, it is preferable to set both types of passwords.

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