How to Recover an Old Version of Your Document in Google Docs

Online tools such as word processors, spreadsheets, and databases are being used more and more frequently. The need to share and always have documents available has encouraged more professionals and companies to opt for this type of package that allows them to work from any device and place just by being connected to the Internet.

Recover deleted files 

Although you work remotely with the online files, the same errors and problems continue to occur as with the old versions of the programs. Loss of information continues to be one of the most frequent problems. But there is a way to recover lost texts or files in Google Docs. We’ll tell you how.

One of the problems we encounter most frequently is the deletion or mashing of data. You are working on a document and without realizing you paste another text on top or simply delete it and realize later when you can no longer recover it even if you use “CTRL + Z” to undo, or you have advanced so much in the work that you undo the work done. It is more than counterproductive. A situation that often makes many throw hands in their heads and panic since you have several hours work of and even days at stake. In this type of situation, there is always something you can do. The solution is checking version history on Google Docs.

Check the version history on Google Docs

  • As its name indicates, this is where the different versions of the document are saved.
  • When you work online, from time to time, the tool itself is responsible for making a copy of the document in question.
  • These copies do not replace the previous one, so they are stored chronologically. You can access them whenever you need them.
  • To access these, click on “ File ” to display the menu with the different options.
  • Among the available ones, look for “version history.” You will see two options in the pop-up menu: “ name current version” or  “see version history”.
  • If you click on the latter, a window appears to the right of the document with all the versions that the document has had, with their date and time of saving to identify them.
  • By clicking on each of them, you can see their content and thus access the information that you have deleted.

A very useful trick to recover everything lost by mistake. This method is not infallible, but it can save you at certain times. In the version history, you will find all the saved versions of the document since its creation and all the changes you have made. This way, you also access the oldest versions. If you lose the document or damage it, you will always have a starting point to continue your work without starting from scratch. All your work will not be in vain.

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