How to Insert Gadgets from an Excel or PDF Sheet in Google Docs

When we talk about Google Docs, we refer to a fully functional tool that allows any office work to be carried out. It has all the necessary techniques and tools.

In Google Docs you can make presentations, text documents, or spreadsheets. You can also edit other documents. This is done online. To use this service and take advantage of it, all you have to do is have a Google account that allows you to share your documents with other users.

How to add gadgets from Excel or PDF sheets in Google Docs?

Gadgets are one of the new functions that we can find in Google Docs. You can add them to text documents or spreadsheets. This allows our documents to come to life, and more if we want to insert images within their sheets.

  • First, you must select the boxes where you are working.
  • Go to the options and select “insert.”
  • Once you do that, a new window will appear with different details.
  • Select the option “gadgets”
  • In the next window you can choose the type of gadget you want to add to the sheet, be it tables, graphs, maps, and even gadgets in motion.
  • Select the option to add and edit some detail in the options. Do this according to how you want to see the gadget in the text or spreadsheet.
  • To finish and save these changes you must click on “apply and close” 

The item will automatically appear on the sheet. In case you want to move the gadget, you have to place the mouse in the upper strip of the image, click and drag the mouse.Google Docs

Advantages of Google Docs

We can mention 3 main advantages that are obtained when using this tool; and the first is, to be able to store documents online and to be able to share them with anyone. This allows us to have access to our work from anywhere if we enter through a different device than the one we always use.

Another advantage that Google Docs provides us is that it supports any type of format that we use in our documents, regardless of whether they come from other programs such as Office Word. In addition, this is a free tool that, to use, you only need to have a Google account with which to send files.

What are some main features of this tool?

These characteristics attract Google users. You don’t have to install it on a device to use it. Also, being a tool that is inside the browser, it has constant updates that help improve stability and functions in Docs.

To facilitate work at the business or student level, Google Docs allows you to work in groups so that two or more people work simultaneously. An advantage that we can highlight and that we have explained before is the use of items that make our work more visual and striking.

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